Summit Meeting of NATO Heads of State and Government - Second media advisory

Warsaw, Poland, 8-9 July 2016

  • 08 Jul. 2016 - 09 Jul. 2016
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  • Press Release (2016) 117
  • Issued on 04 Jul. 2016
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  • Last updated: 05 Jul. 2016 09:13

General information

  1. This Media Advisory complements the advisory released on 10 May and contains information for media planning, video and audio transmission and recording, working facilities at the International Media Centre (IMC) in Warsaw and initial information on events coverage and pools.
  2. For further information on the Summit and about NATO, please visit:
  3. A NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government will be held on 8-9 July in Warsaw, Poland. The meetings will be chaired by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. The President of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, will host the meetings. The first official event of the Summit is expected Friday afternoon and the Summit is foreseen to end on Saturday 9 July in the afternoon.
  4. The meetings will take place at PGE National Stadium in Warsaw.

Summit Programme (all times are provisional and subject to change)

  1. The Summit will open in the afternoon on Friday, 8 July. The Secretary General will preview the agenda at a doorstep scheduled for 10:15 local time. ‎
  2. The Summit will start at 14:30 with an official greeting by the Secretary General and the President of Poland, followed by a family photo. The 29 Head of State and Government of NATO Allies and Montenegro, which has observer status, will have a first meeting of the North Atlantic Council in the afternoon, followed by a press conference by the NATO Secretary General. Leaders will then attend a working dinner to which Finland, Sweden, the European Council and the European Commission are also invited.‎
  3. The Summit will continue on Saturday 9 July 2016, with a meeting on Afghanistan, where the Allied Heads of State and Government will be joined by the President and Chief Executive of Afghanistan, together with representatives of partner countries contributing to the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission and international organisations.  A second meeting of the North Atlantic Council will take place afterwards, which Jordan, the European Council and the European Commission are invited to attend. The summit will end with a NATO – Ukraine Commission meeting with the President of Ukraine. The NATO Secretary General will hold a press conference after each meeting. ‎
  4. NATO and Partner Defence and Foreign Ministers will attend the Summit and hold parallel meetings. A NATO – Georgia Commission meeting at Foreign Ministers’ level will be held on 8 July in the afternoon. On 9 July the Allied Defence Ministers will meet their counterparts from 25 partner countries which cooperate with NATO on interoperability. The format will be 28 Allied Defence Ministers and Ministers from the following partner countries: Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia¹, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates.
  5. Working dinners at the levels of Foreign and Defence Ministers are also foreseen.

Logistical information covering the Programme

  1. Journalists will be able to follow NATO media events on screens in the International Media Centre in multiple languages (see more details below regarding facilities in IMC). Live and recorded host broadcast video and audio signals will be available in editing and filing areas. Most programme media events are also made available live on satellite streamed on the NATO website.
  2. For national events including bilateral and press conferences, media should contact the Delegation press officer directly. Some events will be open, others will be closed or by invitation only. Contact details for Delegation press officers will be available at the Information Desk in the Media Centre and at the Accreditation Office.

Visual Media Pools General information

  1.  Media representatives will receive the definitive detailed media programme upon accreditation. Elements of the programme will be available already on 5 July 2017 on the NATO website. 
  2.  The presence of media representatives in the restricted areas of the summit venue will be governed by a system of escorted pools for accredited videographers and photographers, requiring a pool card.
  3. The NATO Media Coordinator will distribute these pool cards to each national delegation (and not to media directly), and it is the delegation’s responsibility to distribute pool cards to media from their country. Delegation press officers’ contact information will be available at the Information Desk within the International Media Centre. Details on what media commits to by being in a pool is provided below. 
  4. For media from countries not participating at the Summit, please contact the NATO Press Office at the Media Centre Information Desk as of 7 July, 15:00.
  5. Pools will gather at a designated point within the Media Centre for their movement to the event. The time to report to the designated pool meeting point within IMC for each pool will be displayed on the TV information screens on Closed Circuit TV and indicated in the media programme.
  6.  When a media representative accepts a NATO pool position it is with the strict understanding, in accordance with international practice, that the act of accepting the credential to be in a NATO pool signals explicit and unconditional agreement by that media representative that he/she will share upon request all information collected, and/or all material produced, while in that pool. Photographers who did not get a pool card and who are seeking pool photo materials should first contact the Wire service photo agency of which their organisation is a member or client. Media representatives and the news organizations that employ them who accept any material from a pool accept it with the understanding that it must be identified as pool material and that the material can be used only for legitimate news purposes; the receiving party has no right to sell pool material or otherwise profit from it.
  7.  Those who are not themselves in pools can also obtain photographic and video material from any pooled event from NATO Press Office at IM|C and the Host Nation Broadcaster.

Preliminary information on the media programme

  1. These are the main events where the NATO pool system for photographers and videographers will be in use. Events, times and pool size are still being finalized, but the list is likely to include:

Thursday 7 July – Friday 8 July

Event:         Arrival of Leaders at Chopin International Airport
Coverage:   HOST TV; not open to the media

Friday 8 July – Saturday 9 July

Event:         Summit Experts’ Conference (8-9 July)
Coverage:   Open for media coverage
Time: Throughout the day

Friday 8 July

Event:         NATO Secretary General and Polish President to open the Summit Experts’ Conference
Coverage:   HOST TV, open for media coverage
Shown and provided live in IMC
Time: morning, 8 July

Event:         NATO Secretary General doorstep previewing the NATO Summit in Warsaw
Coverage: HOST TV & POOL (visual and print)
Time: mid-morning

Side event: NATO – EU signing ceremony and press conference outside the Summit venue
Coverage: HOST TV & POOL (visual and print)
Time: mid-day

Event:         Arrivals of Heads of State and / or Government at the Summit venue
Coverage:   HOST TV & POOL (visual)
Time: as of 9.00

 Event:        Official greeting by the NATO Secretary General and the President of Poland
Coverage:   HOST TV & POOL (visual)
Time: afternoon

Event:         North Atlantic Council (NAC) meeting at the level of Heads of State and / or Government – Honouring Ceremony for NATO troops in operations, including Secretary General’s message to the troops; Opening Remarks of the NAC meeting by the NATO Secretary General and Welcoming Remarks by the President of Poland
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: mid-afternoon

Event:         Meeting of the NATO – Georgia Commission at the level of Foreign ministers
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL
Time: late afternoon

Event:         Allied Defence Ministers and Chiefs of Defence’s visit to the Allied Ground Surveillance display and Poland Armament Display
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: late afternoon

Event:         NATO Secretary General press conference
Coverage:   HOST TV & ALL MEDIA
Time: late afternoon

Event:         Fly past observed by Heads of State and / or Government, Foreign Ministers, Defence Ministers from different locations

Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL
Time: early evening

Event:         Working dinners of Heads of States and Government, Foreign Ministers, Defence Ministers at different locations
Coverage: HOST TV & POOLS (official greeting and family photo)

Event:         Individual Press Conferences by some national leaders
Coverage:   As determined by the individual delegation; details provided by Delegations will be made available on CCTV
Time: Throughout the day

Saturday 9 July

Event: Leaders’ arrivals
Coverage: HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: morning

Event:         Meeting on Afghanistan at the level of Heads of State and/or Government
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: morning       

Event:         NATO Secretary General’s press conference
Coverage:   HOST TV and ALL MEDIA
Time: late morning

Event:         North Atlantic Meeting at the level of Heads of States and / or Government
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: mid-day

Event:         Interoperability Platform meeting at the level of Defence Ministers
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: mid-day

Event:         NATO Secretary General’s press conference
Coverage:   HOST TV and ALL MEDIA
Time: afternoon

Event:         Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of Heads of States and / or Government
Coverage:   HOST TV and POOL (visual)
Time: mid-afternoon 

Event:         Joint Press Conference by the NATO Secretary General and the President of Ukraine
Coverage:   HOST TV and ALL MEDIA
Time: early afternoon

Event:         Individual Press Conferences by some national leaders
Coverage:   As determined by the individual delegation; details provided by Delegations will be made available on CCTV
Time: Throughout the day


  1. Media representatives wishing to cover Summit events and/or to enter the Media Centre must be accredited. The media accreditation is now closed.
  2.  The Accreditation Office will operate in the vicinity of the Summit location, close to Gate 1 (Zieleniecka Avenue, East Side of the PGE Narodowy Stadium). It will be open for collection of Summit Media Credentials as per the hours of operation detailed below (all times are local):Tuesday 05 July: 12h00 to 18h00
    Wednesday 06 July: 08h00 to 20h00
    Thursday 07 July: 08h00 to 22h00
    Friday 08 July: 06h00 to 20h00
    Saturday 09 July: 06h00 to 15h00
  3. A photo ID is required to pick up the credentials. Media are also advised to bring the print-out of the final screen of the on-line application process. 
  4. Summit Media Credentials must be worn clearly at all times. Media representatives are also informed that secondary identification may be requested by security personnel at any time within a secured zone. 

International media centre facilities and access

  1. The Summit’s official International Media Center (IMC) is located in the National Stadium Warsaw. The entrance for Media Representatives to the International Media Centre is located at Zieleniecka Avenue, Królak tunnel, Gate no 1, East side.
  2. The IMC is the central distribution point for information and material including live and taped video and audio, photo and other. Pools form only at the IMC and any coverage of official Summit events starts there only: Media assigned to pools covering any Summit event must start their Coverage at the IMC. Media are required to travel to the event location from the IMC only via official escorts.
  3. Access to the IMC will be according to the following schedule: 




Wednesday 6 July


Satellite trucks and bulky equipment start to be brought to / installed in the media areas (details further below).
International Media Centre NOT open

Thursday 7 July

08:00 – 24.00

International Media Centre open
Equipment to be brought to the IMC by 14.00

Open 24-hours a day

All press must visibly display their NATO Summit Media Credential.

Friday 8 July

Starting from 04:00 
Open 24-hours a day

Saturday 9 July

Open 24-hours a day

Sunday 10 July

Media Centre open until 12.00 for equipment dismantling


  1.  Facilities planned at the International Media Centre (IMC) for credentialed media include :
  • Open and available 24 hours a day between Thursday 7 July 8:00 and Sunday 10 July, 12:00
  • Summit Information Desks and media office support
  • NATO and Host Nation Press Offices
  • General press workroom with over 1000 workspaces, wired internet connection, wi-fi, live video and audio feeds, and standard European electrical outlets (230V)
  • Host TV and Eurovision Master Control
  • A mix of closed and open editing / production space
  • Video and Audio Distribution points
  • Satellite Truck Parking area
  • Television stand-up positions (indoor and outdoor)
  • Press Conference rooms and pull-aside rooms
  • A fully equipped TV studio with three camera switch wired for live transmission
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Hosted catering and food for purchase

Security checks, including on media belongings

  1. Media wishing to access the media Accreditation Office and International Media Centre will go through security checks. Media are advised to to arrive with sufficient lead time to clear security checks.
  2. Media are also informed that security personnel will have full authority to examine and test any equipment and to examine any other items brought by media to any secured site including the IMC.

How to bring large amounts of equipment into the IMC:

  1. Pre-registered uplink trucks (live transmission trucks) and technical vehicles will be given access on 6 July, 9.00-16.00, and 7 July between 8:00-14:00. They must report at PGE National Stadium’s Gate 7 (Wybrzeze Szczecinskie and Siwca streets corner).  Drivers and technicians operating these vehicles must have already picked up their Summit Media Credential.
  2.  Any large amounts of equipment (equipment that is larger than hand-carry) that media intend to install in the IMC should be put into place between 9:00-16:00 CET on 6 July and until 14:00 on 7 July.
  3. On 6 July access will be open for technician teams only; access will be possible only via the same point as mentioned above (Gate 7, Wybrzeze Szczecinskie and Siwca streets corner). NATO Summit media credential is required on this day; technical teams accessing the summit venue must have already their Summit Media Credential.  

Artur Goławski – Logistics Media coordinator
Tel.: +48 22 56 55 533


  1. Host TV (Polish National Television - TVP) will cover all official NATO events. Live video and audio feeds will be available in the IMC, in clean feed. The Host TV format is HD1080i50 with 8 embedded audio channels, including the Original sound and up to 7 translations.
  2.  The NATO Primary Pool feed distribution points will be located in the Press Filing Centre and the Editing area. The NATO Primary Pool signal, the live audio and video feeds and replays are also available in the Satellite Truck Parking area (parking nr 9). This service is handled by TVP. All TV teams should bring their own cables to be connected to the signal.
  3. Host TV feeds are provided free of charge. Live satellite feeds of official events will be provided free of change without encryption by NATO. The transmissions are provided by NATO as a public service to make the video and audio available for news and public affairs purposes via satellite, Eurovision world feeds ( and locally in the Summit media centre, public with the understanding that the video and audio may be used only for appropriate news and public affairs uses.
  4. A TV studio fully equipped and wired is available for interviews, and manned by Host TV. The point of contact to book the interview and discuss technical arrangements is mentioned below:
  5. Contact Host TV:
    Mrs. Grażyna Baczyńska
    Tel:: +48 601 600 286

    Mrs. Ewa Borkowska (TVP)
    Tel.: +48 601 600 582

  6.  EBU/Eurovision is handling the feed distribution within the IMC, as well as booking of TV and radio workspaces on behalf of NATO.
  7.   TV & Radio workspaces are provided with TVP / NATO Primary Pool signal by default. Format is as origin, HD1080/50i with embedded audio and translation channels when available. Eurovision will offer non-equipped (no players/recorders) workspaces with a matrix routing panel, offering push button selection of both original HD 1080/50i and down-converted SD SDI 576i signals, rates apply. Requests for other HOST signals in workspaces (secondary signals, national briefing rooms, replays, etc.) are handled by Eurovision.

    Contact Eurovision:
    Mr. Ivan Stojanovic
    Tel.: +41 22 717 22 25 or +381 63 20 66 11

    Eurovision Radio Operations
    Ms Julia Lonicer
    Tel.: +41 79 230 1508 or +41 22 717 2658

    Queries on World Feeds:

  8. A technical media advisory on television will be released separately (including information on free satellite transmissions, live streams, distribution and recording points etc.). 

Internet at IMC

  1. Wired internet will be provided for every workstation in the filing centre and broadcasting area; Wi-Fi (SSID: NATO-Summit) will be available throughout the International Media Centre.
  2. Host Nation Poland will put in place an authentication process for access to internet (both wired and wi-fi). When picking up their Summit Media Credential, accredited media will receive an access code for internet (placed on the reverse side of the pass).
  3. Users will need to authenticate only once per device. There is no limitation on the number of devices that can be used by a media representative to access the Internet. 
  4. Technical teams will be deployed in the IMC in order to assist with registration of devices not equipped with a web browser.
  5. Additional information:
    • No public IP addresses (WAN) will be available
    • Network Address Translation (NAT) mechanism is implemented in LAN
    • No internet services are presented outside (available from WAN)
    • Users’ devices are logically separated (to avoid viruses spread) 
    • Available services and protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, Mail exchange (all protocols), VPN (all protocols including NAT-Traversal), Skype, XMPP, SSH.
  6. All additional requirements concerning outgoing traffic should be submitted to the-mail address

Coverage of other events

  1. Aircraft Leader Arrivals to Warsaw will be covered only by Host TV and made available live or recorded in the IMC
  2. Host Nation makes available 15 briefings rooms and 5 pull aside rooms available to attending delegations in the IMC. Access to press conferences at the centre is normally open to all accredited media without restrictions but delegations might reserve the right to restrict access to their national media only. Similarly national delegations should be contacted about live retransmissions of their press conferences.
  3. Briefing rooms will be equipped with TV lighting and sound systems including connection points for sound recording. All rooms have wi-fi Coverage. 7 of them will be cabled to the Host TV Master Control, and some will have simultaneous interpretation equipment. Only national delegations may reserve these rooms. Press conference schedules will be displayed on CCTV. Press conferences in the Main Press Theatre will be shown live on CCTV.
  4. NATO arranges media coverage of the bilateral events of the Secretary General by agreement with the other principals involved in the bilateral. Media interested in covering the Secretary General at these events should contact the NATO Press Office at the IMC.
  5. Delegations are expected to take the opportunity of the Summit to schedule bilateral meetings and in some cases they will permit some media coverage of their own meetings. These bilateral meetings are not official Summit events and therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual delegation to decide on press access. Media wishing to cover any leader’s bilateral meeting scheduled should contact the press officers of that individual leader.

Requests for interviews

  1. Requests for interviews with the Secretary General should be addressed well in advance to the NATO Spokesperson’s Office at
  2. Requests to interview other NAC leaders and representatives from Delegations should be directed to the leader’s and delegation’s press officers. A list of delegations’ press officers will be available in the media centre.
  3. Closed-door pull aside rooms are available in the IMC. They will be provided with no equipment inside except furniture and basic lighting / electricity plugs. These rooms are intended for interview or background-type discussions. Requests for bookings can be addressed to

Media transportation

  1.  Shuttle transportation will be provided for accredited members of the media between recommended media hotels and the Media Accreditation Office. Shuttle bus will start operate on 7 July from 8.00 until 10 July until 16.00. Four special bus lines will link recommended media hotels to the venue of the NATO summit. List of shuttle bus stops is available here
  2.  Shuttles will run on a continuous basis during the hours noted above, with departures approximately every 15 minutes at peak hours (notably on 8 and 9 July). Full schedule will be available in the media centre. Please note that access on shuttle buses will be based on visual check of Summit media passes or print-out of the final screen of the on-line application process.
  3. Media wishing to pick up their accreditation before 7 July 2016 are recommended to use public transport. List of connecting lines between recommended media hotels and the Media Accreditation Office is available here
  4. There will be no transport provided from the airport. A Welcome desk will be operate at the Chopin airport where traveling journalists will be provided maps and information concerning public transport.
  5. There will be no parking area available in the vicinity of the summit venue.
  6. Some streets in central Warsaw will be closed between 7-9 July 2016 and some bus and tram services will be diverted to alternative routes. During this time the Warsaw Stadium railway station and the National Stadium metro station will not be operating. Media representatives are advised to use the shuttle buses lines. More information is available at:

Media Accommodation

  1. A limited number of rooms may still be available in the designated media hotels. Enquiries should be directed to

Catering at the IMC

  1. Food and drink will be available in the IMC.
  2. Hot meals will be available for free during the summit, courtesy of the Host Nation, and at a cost on 7 and 10 July (payment in nation currency zloty or by credit card). Drinks and snacks will also be made available by the Hosts in the IMC.

Media Reception

  1. All media representatives are invited by the City of Warsaw/ Polish Government to a “Welcome to Warsaw” Media Reception. It will take place at the Palace of Culture and Science on Thursday, on the 7 July, as of 19.00. There will be local food, drink and entertainment. RSVP and information:
  2. Transport from the International Media Centre will be provided.

Public diplomacy events

  1. A Warsaw Summit Experts Forum will be organized by NATO Public Diplomacy Division together with the Host Nation. The event will take place in the vicinity of the summit venue. Contacts for details on schedule and agenda :
  2. Summit accredited media will have free access to cover open-press events at the Forum. Major speeches will be shown on CCTV screens at IMC; HOST TV will cover all events and signal will be available at IMC.
  3. Questions on all public diplomacy engagements:

Courtesy of Host Nation Poland

  1. City sightseeing for media and other cultural attractions: The City of Warsaw invites Summit accredited media to a city sightseeing on Sunday, 10 July, from 9.00 until 12.30. More details at
  2. Host Nation Poland will offer all media accredited to the Summit a special Warsaw NATO Summit Card distributed at the airport, recommended hotels, International Media Centre (Information Point, Accreditation Office). The card allows use of the Warsaw public transport system: bus, tram, metro and SKM (city train) services between 5 and 10 July, 24/7.  This card also allows free entry to the most of city’s cultural institution.

Contact details

NATO Media Coordinator
Mrs. Alina Coca
Phone: +48 22 56 55 516

Deputy NATO Media Coordinator
Barbora Maronkova
+48 22 56 55 517

Host Nation Media Coordinator
Mrs. Joanna Wajda
Phone: +48 22 56 55 530

Logistics Media coordinator
Col. Artur Golawski
Phone: +48.261.846.519

International Media Centre
Katarzyna Sobiecka – Coordinator
+ 48 22 56 55 531
Dagmara Jarosławska – Deputy Coordinator
+ 48 22 56 55 532

Media accreditation office
Tel.: +48 22 56 55 505, +48 22 56 55 506

Information desk
Tel.: +48 22 56 55 502

Information Point
Tel.: +48 22 56 55 501

1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.