NATO Defence Ministers to discuss the implementation of the Readiness Action Plan and Georgia

  • 04 Feb. 2015 -
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  • Last updated: 23 Feb. 2015 12:23

NATO Defence Ministers are expected to take important decisions on the implementation of the Readiness Action Plan agreed at the NATO Wales Summit last year, at their one-day meeting on Thursday (5 February 2015). Ministers will decide on the size and composition of the new Spearhead Force, which will enable the Alliance to respond to security challenges to the east posed by Russia and risks emanating from the southern neibourhood, the Middle East and North Africa. This will be the first opportunity since the Wales Summit for NATO Defence Ministers to look at the progress made and look forward to the 2016 Warsaw Summit.

NATO Defence Ministers will also meet in the NATO-Georgia Commission format, together with the Georgian Defence Minister Mindia Janeldidze. They will discuss the implementation of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package endorsed at the Wales Summit. The package includes measures aimed at strengthening Georgia’s defence capabilities and helping Georgia advance its  preparations for NATO membership. Ministers will also review the ongoing work to establish a Joint Training and Evaluation Centre in Georgia, which will help the country in further modernizing its security forces. NATO and Georgia have a long standing partnership. Georgia has provided a strong contribution to different NATO operations.