NATO Chiefs of Defence discuss the Readiness Action Plan, the Resolute Support Mission and Partnerships

  • 21 Jan. 2015 - 22 Jan. 2015
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  • Last updated: 27 Jan. 2015 15:11

Over the course of the two day session, the Chiefs of Defence provided clear military advice ahead of next month’s Defence Ministers meeting. They discussed the Readiness Action Plan and the future of the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan. They also discussed continued and strengthened cooperation with partners and Strategic Military guidance for 2015.

Speaking about challenges linked to increasing instability on the Eastern and Southern flanks of the Alliance’s borders, the Chairman of the Military Committee, General Knud Bartels said that  “the threats we face call for both military and political diplomatic actions”.

During the meeting, representatives from the Mediterranean Dialogue partner countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia) provided Allies with invaluable insights on the regional security challenges,  paving the way for strengthened military to military cooperation.

In the first day’s afternoon session, Chiefs of Defence discussed the new Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan that was launched on 1 January 2015 to train,  advise and assist  the Afghan security forces. The Chiefs of Defence received both operational and political briefings and it was agreed that the Commander of the Resolute Support mission, General John F. Campbell, should be given as much flexibility as possible in the early stages of the mission.

There was also a discussion about the Readiness Action Plan and the Very High Readiness Task Force (VJTF) with its interim solution. The Chiefs of Defence agreed and endorsed a number of measures to be reviewed by Defence Ministers at their meeting in February. The Chairman said during his press conference:  “I am confident after discussions held yesterday and today that we will be able to meet to the political ambitions and requirements”.