Chairman of the NATO Military Committee visits the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia¹

  • 06 Nov. 2014 - 07 Nov. 2014
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  • Last updated: 07 Nov. 2014 15:19

General Bartels thanked the President for his country’s continued support to NATO-led missions and welcomed the progress that the Armed forces have made in meeting NATO standards in their reforms during his visit (6 - 7 November 2014). The Chairman met with the President, Dr Gjorge Ivanov, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Zoran Jolevski PhD, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikola Poposki and the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Gorancho Koteski.

Meeting with President Dr Gjorge Ivanov, General Bartels expressed his appreciation for the country’s long term commitment to Afghanistan, contributing troops and supporting the ISAF mission as one of its top contributors per capita. “Your participation makes a difference as your troops are very capable and we look forward to continuing this cooperation in the future Resolute Support Mission” said the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.

General Bartels also met with the Minister of Defence, Mr. Zoran Jolevski PhD and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nikola Poposki. In discussions with Mr. Jolevski PhD, the Chairman stated how he encouraged and supported the progress of reorganization of the Armed Forces and emphasized how NATO was committed to continuing to assist his country in its defence reforms. Speaking to Mr. Poposki, General Bartels stressed how valuable the country’s contribution to regional and international security was to NATO efforts. “Nations such as yours play a crucial role in the promotion of international peace and security” said the Chairman.

At the joint press conference with Lt General Koteski, General Bartels took the opportunity to say how NATO values the Nation’s long standing contribution to NATO led operations, highlighting its role in Afghanistan and its support to KFOR.  The Chairman commended “the professional work of your servicemen and women in NATO’s mission in Afghanistan” and welcomed the Nation’s contribution to the future Resolute Support mission post-2014. Speaking to cadets at the “Mihajlo Apostoski” Military Academy, General Bartels focused on the arc of instability surrounding NATO and presented a strategic view on Future NATO.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.