NATO Board of Auditors strengthen cooperation with Turkish Court of Accounts

  • 23 Oct. 2014 -
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  • Last updated: 29 Oct. 2014 17:15

The Chairman of the International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN), Dr Charilaos Charisis, and the President of the Turkish Court of Accounts, Associate Professor Dr Recai Akyel signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on 23 October in Ankara, Turkey.

The document provides the framework to improve audit methods and techniques in order to achieve the highest performance quality in public audit through the exchange of expertise and experts. Examples include Voluntary National Contributions (VNC) and cooperation through joint seminars, conferences and meetings as well as facilitating professional training, capacity building and cooperation-based audit incentives.

The Turkish Court of Accounts has already assigned one high-ranking auditor VNC to Brussels to work with IBAN in performance audits.
This agreement is the first to be signed following a decision by the North Atlantic Council last June proposing closer cooperation between IBAN and the Supreme Audit Institutions of NATO member countries.