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18 Jun. 2019 190618-mrtt.jpg - 190618-mrtt.jpg, 23.40KB

France signs a Letter of Intent with Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway for cooperation on strategic airlift, air refueling

Today, (18 June 2019) six NATO Allies took a critical step towards making the future Multi Role Tanker and Transport Capability (MRTT-C) more affordable. A Letter of Intent on cooperation around the MRTT-C was signed between France and the five current MRTT-C participants: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway. This will help make maintenance and repair operations for the MRTT-C more affordable. The Letter of Intent sets out areas of cooperation including exchanges of expertise and joint training.
29 May. 2019 190614-ims.jpg - 190614-ims.jpg, 19.26KB

EU and NATO Director Generals of Military Staffs discuss enhanced military cooperation.

The Director General of the European Union Military Staff (EUMS), Lieutenant General Esa Pulkkinen (DGEUMS) and the Director General of NATO’s International Military Staff (IMS), Lieutenant General Jan Broeks (DGIMS), met on 29 May for the first of this year's bi-annual conferences.
13 Jun. 2019 190614-smart-energy.jpg, 61.93KB

NATO tests smart energy technologies at exercise in Poland

NATO tested new energy-saving technologies in Poland during Exercise Capable Logistician 2019 (3-13 June 2019), including to make Allied militaries more energy efficient, reduce their reliance on fossil fuels in the field, and enhance interoperability between national armed forces. Combined with linked national activities, the exercise included around 3,450 troops from 30 nations, and tested some 1,000 pieces of equipment.
11 Jun. 2019 190611-PM_Iceland.jpg , 27.97KB

NATO Secretary General visits Iceland

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Iceland’s important contributions to international security during a visit to Reykjavik on Monday (11 June 2019). After meeting with Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, the Secretary General recalled that Iceland is a founding member of NATO, stressing that its “strategic location in the Atlantic helps to bind Europe and North America together.”
09 Jun. 2019 190609-flags-nato-moldova2.jpg - 190609-flags-nato-moldova2.jpg, 56.45KB

Statement by the NATO Spokesperson on the situation in the Republic of Moldova

NATO is following with concern the political crisis in the Republic of Moldova. We call on all political forces in the country to exercise calm and restraint, and to resolve their differences through dialogue, in full respect of the rule of law.
07 Jun. 2019 190608-baltops2019.jpg - BALTOPS 19 - JUAN CARLOS I, 52.82KB

NATO navies test readiness in Baltic Sea

Around 8,600 U.S. and European troops from 18 nations are taking part in the annual BALTOPS naval exercise that starts on Sunday (9 June) in Germany’s Baltic Sea port of Kiel. The 47th BALTOPS exercise involves maritime, air and ground forces with about 50 ships and submarines and 40 aircraft and will run through 21 June. The training includes finding and destroying sea mines and submarines, the use of air defence and landing troops onshore as well as defence against attack from enemy navy vessels.
08 Jun. 2019 190608-globsec.jpg - 190608-globsec.jpg, 62.24KB

NATO supports groundbreaking cyber exercise at GLOBSEC 2019 Forum

The first-ever cyber crisis simulation workshop, called "Disruptive Dilemmas", took place in Bratislava, Slovakia, on June 6 2019. Co-sponsored by NATO, this was the largest side event at the GLOBSEC Bratislava 2019 Forum. It featured a keynote address on navigating digital disruptions in countering terrorism by Dr. Benedetta Berti-Alberti, Head of Policy Planning at the Office of the NATO Secretary General.
07 Jun. 2019 190527zb-001.jpg - Counter-Terrorism Lessons from Maritime Piracy and Narcotics Interdiction , 54.94KB

NATO works with Colombia on counter-terrorism at sea

Experts from NATO and Colombia joined up to support the Colombian Armed Forces’ efforts in their ongoing fight against maritime piracy and narcotics during a workshop sponsored by the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 27 to 29 May 2019.
07 Jun. 2019 190607-ims1.jpg - 190607-ims1.jpg, 31.01KB

The 106th NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee (NEWAC) convenes in Brussels

On 5th to 7th June, the NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee held its 106th Plenary meeting at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.
06 Jun. 2019 190606-spearhead.jpg - 190606-spearhead.jpg, 37.27KB

NATO Spearhead Force deploys to test readiness

A force of 2,500 German, Dutch and Norwegian troops and 1,000 vehicles is currently taking part in exercise Noble Jump 19 at the Zagan training range in Western Poland. Noble Jump is the main training opportunity for NATO’s Spearhead Force, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), and tests how well its different units work together.

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