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22 Nov. 2023 231122-sg-nkorea.jpg, 80.68KB

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the satellite launch by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

I strongly condemn the launch of a military satellite by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, using ballistic missile technology in violation of multiple U.N. Security Council resolutions. This raises tensions and poses a serious risk to regional and international security.
29 Jun. 2023 230629-eu-infrastructure.jpg, 50.27KB

NATO and European Union release final assessment report on resilience of critical infrastructure

NATO and the European Union released a Final Assessment Report produced by the NATO-EU Task Force on the Resilience of Critical Infrastructure on Thursday (29 June 2023). Launched at the beginning of the year, the Task Force focused on mapping out current security challenges, and the particular importance of resilience in energy, transport, digital infrastructure, and space.
12 Jun. 2023 230611-dsg-spacefest.jpg - Deputy Secretary General addresses Space Fest in Romania, 45.72KB

Deputy Secretary General addresses Space Fest in Romania

Speaking at the Space FEST conference in Bucharest on Monday, Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana said that “competition in space is fierce and is becoming fiercer” and that “this has implications for our economy, but also for our security”.
31 May. 2023 230403-sg-pre-pc.jpg, 35.60KB

NATO Secretary General condemns North Korea military satellite launch

I strongly condemn the attempted military satellite launch by the DPRK, using ballistic missile technology. This raises tensions and poses serious risks to the security of the region and beyond. It is in blatant breach of multiple United Nations Security Council Resolutions.
25 May. 2023 230525-ims-space.jpg, 44.48KB

NATO hosts working group on space

On 24th and 25th May 2023, NATO hosted the 23rd iteration of the Bi-SC Working Group on Space at its main headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium. This Working Group facilitates the exchange and information sharing on space-related issues as well as coordinate activities in the Space Domain.
15 Feb. 2023 230215-APSS-Earth-View.jpg, 43.46KB

16 Allies, Finland and Sweden launch largest space project in NATO’s history

On Wednesday (15 February 2023), 16 Allies¹, together with invitees Finland and Sweden, launched a new initiative that will transform the way NATO gathers and uses data from space, significantly improve NATO’s intelligence and surveillance, and provide essential support to NATO’s military missions and operations.
19 Nov. 2021 211118-flags-hq.jpg  , 69.95KB

Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the recent anti-satellite missile test conducted by the Russian Federation

14 Jun. 2021 210614-summit-luxembourg-signing.jpg, 48.29KB

NATO and Luxembourg boost Alliance Space Situational Awareness

Supported by Luxembourg, NATO plans to develop a Space Situational Awareness Capability that will provide NATO Headquarters with a clearer situational awareness of space.
23 Oct. 2020 201023_NatoFlags.jpg, 24.28KB

NATO Defence Ministers take decisions to strengthen our security

NATO Defence Ministers agreed to further strengthen Allied security during their virtual meetings over the last two days (22-23 October 2020). On Friday, Allied Ministers discussed NATO’s training missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, which are helping build long-term security and stability.
09 Oct. 2020 201009-patten.jpg, 95.69KB

Meet Laryssa Patten, an engineer working to keep NATO’s technological edge in space

Laryssa Patten is a Canadian space engineer and expert working at NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency. Together with experts from other NATO Allies, she helps enhance NATO’s space technologies and services.

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