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02 Feb. 2012 120202d-037.jpg - Meetings of the Ministers of Defence at NATO Headquarters, Brussels - North Atlantic Council Meeting , 76.47KB

NATO Defence Ministers support Smart Defence as a driver for change

NATO Defence Ministers discussed in Brussels ways to make a maximum use of limited financial resources in times of economic austerity. At their first working sessions, NATO Defence Ministers gave their support to the goal to achieve a maximum effect and efficiency with funds allocated to defence, by cooperating more on multinational initiatives.
23 Jan. 2012 100415a-HQ28-006 NATO Headquarters Brussels., 68.83KB

NATO achieves important milestone in reform of its Agencies

Two recent high-level appointments mark an important milestone in the reform of NATO’s Agencies. A phased approach to reducing the number of Agencies and streamlining their management was launched by Allied defence ministers in June 2010, aimed at establishing a new structure by July 2012.
28 Jun. 2011 110628-new-command-struct-624x320.jpg - 110628-new-command-struct-624x320.jpg, 16.92KB

Reshaping NATO’s Command Structure

NATO’s Command Structure has been reviewed, as part of a major reform process, to make it more efficient, flexible and responsive. While the Alliance’s level of ambition remains the same, the changes will make its Command Structure more affordable, reducing the overall number of staff from 13,00 to 8,800 posts.
08 Jun. 2011 110608c-002.jpg - Meetings of the Defence Ministers , 44.02KB

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on Agency and Command structure reform

NATO Defence Ministers have just approved a set of important reforms. They will make NATO leaner, more flexible, and better able to deal with future challenges.
04 Feb. 2011 110204-rasmussen-munich-security-conf.jpg - 110204-rasmussen-munich-security-conf.jpg, 43.98KB

NATO Secretary General calls for ''Smart Defence'' at Munich Conference

On 4 February, NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, delivered the keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference on building security in an age of austerity, a challenge he asserted that NATO was ideally situated to tackle.
29 Nov. 2010 101123-HMS_Invincible.jpg - DRAGON HAMMER '90 , 29.05KB

NATO Capabilities in an Age of Austerity

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has made clear his intention to ‘cut fat and build muscle’ through ongoing NATO reform. Such reform will make NATO more effective, by concentrating on key capabilities such as cyber- and missile defence; more engaged, by collaborating with other international organisations and Partner countries; and more efficient, by making the best use of taxpayer funds.
20 Nov. 2010 101119d-027.jpg - North Atlantic Meeting at the level of Heads of State and Government - NATO Lisbon summit 2010, 59.54KB

NATO leaders agree to far-reaching reforms

NATO leaders agreed at their Summit meeting in Lisbon to far-reaching reforms of the NATO Military Command Structure and the agencies that provide essential capabilities and services to NATO armed forces. The reforms will enable further improvement of the Alliance’s defence capabilities and ensure that the NATO is more effective and efficient in the use of resources.
27 May. 2010 070312-ukr_nato-flag.jpg, 5.27KB

NATO and Ukraine discussed defence reform

On 26 May 2010, the eighth Senior Level meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defence Reform (JWGDR) was held in Kyiv under the co-chairmanship of the First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Mr. Stepan Havrysh and the NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning, Ambassador Jiří Šedivý.
24 Sep. 2008

Intelligence sector reform talks

Expert staff talks on intelligence sector reform took place under the aegis of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defence Reform (JWGDR), in Jurmala, Latvia, on 24 September.
15 Sep. 2008

Discussing Ukraine’s future development

Twenty-eight experts and officials from Ukraine, NATO, and other European countries and international organizations recently led a number of panel discussions on key issues concerning Ukraine’s future development at the 18th Economic Forum, held 10-12 September 2008 in Krynica, Poland. Over five hundred leading European experts, officials, and politicians participated in these discussions on issues related to Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration and related reforms.

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