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12 Feb. 2020 200212-multi-lbdmi.jpg, 30.11KB

The Czech Republic and Sweden join the multinational Land Battle Decisive Munitions Initiative

On Wednesday (12 February), the Land Battle Decisive Munitions initiative welcomed two new members, the Czech Republic and Sweden, bringing the total number of participating NATO Allies and partners to twenty-three. The amendment to the initiative’s Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the margins of the NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting in Brussels.
11 Dec. 2019 191211-msap.jpg - 191211-msap.jpg , 21.80KB

Multinational Special Operations Aviation training centre opens in Croatia

Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia jointly opened the Multinational Special Aviation Programme at a ceremony in Zadar, Croatia on Wednesday (11 December 2019). The training centre is dedicated to training air crews responsible for transporting Special Operations Forces.
06 Dec. 2019 191204-musi.jpg - 191204-musi.jpg , 43.79KB

NATO experts discuss unmanned underwater warfare trends

More than 230 representatives from Allied nations, NATO staffs and the defence industry gathered at NATO headquarters for a three day symposium (4-5 December 2019) to address the latest trends in unmanned underwater warfare. Organised by NATO’s Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative – or MUSI – experts focused on operational challenges in the maritime domain and the latest technological developments in unmanned underwater systems. Industry partners also displayed many of their latest innovative systems and technology.
25 Oct. 2019 191025-sof.jpg , 55.60KB

Four NATO Allies establish a regional Special Forces command

On Friday (25 October 2019), the Defence Ministers of Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Regional Special Operations Component Command (R-SOCC). Under the leadership of Hungary, this multinational command will increase the ability of these four nations to effectively employ their special forces.
24 Oct. 2019 191024-tanker-transport-aircraft.jpg - 191024-tanker-transport-aircraft.jpg, 26.38KB

The Czech Republic joins multinational fleet of tanker-transport aircraft

On Thursday (24 October 2019), the Czech Republic joined a multinational effort to acquire and operate new tanker transport aircraft – the Multi Role Tanker Transport Capability. This initiative was launched by the Netherlands and Luxembourg in 2016 and aims to boost the ability of European Allies to refuel aircraft in mid-air.
17 Oct. 2019 191017-air-to-air-refueling.jpg - 191017-air-to-air-refueling.jpg, 29.16KB

NATO-EU air-to-air refueling conference brings together decision-makers and industry

NATO and the European Union co-organised an air-to-air refueling conference on Thursday (17 October 2019), at EUROCONTROL in Brussels. Air-to-air refueling is a critical capability for NATO, as increasing the ability of Allied planes to fly for longer periods and farther distances has a direct bearing on the Alliance’s ability to defend its citizens and territories.
17 Sep. 2019 190919a-001.jpg - Exercise REP(MUS) 19 tests NATO unmanned systems , 140.49KB

Portugal hosts maritime exercise in support of NATO’s Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative

Dozens of unmanned underwater, surface and air vehicles from NATO countries are gathering in Portugal from 11 to 27 September 2019 to test new technological advances in unmanned maritime systems networks. The exercise is being held in the Sesimbra and Troia Peninsula area in the south of Lisbon.
27 Jun. 2019 190627-signing-mdbm.jpg - 190627-signing-mdbm.jpg, 67.20KB

Allies cooperate on acquiring maritime munitions through new multinational framework

Seven Allies and one partner nation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Multinational Cooperation for the provision of Maritime Battle Decisive Munitions (MBDM) in Brussels at the NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting on June 27, 2019.
26 Jun. 2019 190626-lmdb-signing.jpg - 190626-lmdb-signing.jpg, 26.45KB

Four Allies join multinational munition projects in air and land domains

On Wednesday (26 June 2019), two ongoing multinational initiatives in the munition sector – Land Battle Decisive Munitions and Air-to-Ground Precision Guided Munition – welcomed two additional participants each. This marks yet another enlargement of the two successful projects that aim to make munition acquisition and warehousing simpler and cheaper.
18 Jun. 2019 190618-mrtt.jpg - 190618-mrtt.jpg, 23.40KB

France signs a Letter of Intent with Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway for cooperation on strategic airlift, air refueling

Today, (18 June 2019) six NATO Allies took a critical step towards making the future Multi Role Tanker and Transport Capability (MRTT-C) more affordable. A Letter of Intent on cooperation around the MRTT-C was signed between France and the five current MRTT-C participants: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Norway. This will help make maintenance and repair operations for the MRTT-C more affordable. The Letter of Intent sets out areas of cooperation including exchanges of expertise and joint training.

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