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16 Jul. 2021 210716-mawi-sign.jpg, 125.33KB

Eight Allies reshape the logistics for ammunitions

The Defence Ministers of Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, and Spain signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Friday (16 July 2021) to modernize the storage and provision of ammunitions. Under the new Multinational Ammunition Warehousing Initiative – or MAWI - participating Allies will create a single set of principles for the storage and management of ammunition stockpiles in various multinational warehouse locations.
09 Jun. 2021 210609-nfte-signing.jpg, 52.87KB

Ten Allies start new era in pilot training

Defence Ministers from 10 NATO countries on Wednesday (9 June 2021) agreed to bolster the training of their nation’s military pilots, taking advantage of new technologies such as virtual reality.
13 May. 2021 210513-rsocc-special-forces.jpg, 48.30KB

Four NATO Allies and one partner boost Special Operations Forces capabilities

The Regional Special Operations Component Command (R-SOCC) declared that it has reached Initial Operational Capability on 12 May 2021 as part of exercise Black Swan 2021 (19 April – 14 May 2021).
19 Feb. 2021 210219-abdm-collage-2200px.jpg, 93.33KB

13 Allies and one NATO partner expand munitions cooperation amid significant success

Thirteen Allies and one partner nation have on 19 February committed to creating a multinational solution for addressing all of their air munition needs.
19 Feb. 2021 210219-ntfe-collage-2200px.jpg, 53.09KB

Belgium joins the NATO Flight Training Europe initiative

On February 19 2021, Belgium joined the NATO Flight Training Europe (NFTE) High Visibility Project.
07 Dec. 2020 201207-c-socc.jpg, 33.80KB

Composite Special Operations Component Command reaches full operational capability

Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands declared their Composite Special Operations Component Command (C-SOCC) headquarters as fully operational on Monday 7 December 2020. The Composite Special Operations Component Command combines national capabilities from the three participating nations into a deployable multinational headquarters, specifically designed for commanding several Special Operations Forces task groups. This innovative approach provides the participating nations with a capability that exceeds the sum of their individual national contributions.
20 Nov. 2020 201120-mus.jpg, 83.96KB

Two Allies and one partner join the Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Initiative

NATO Allies Canada and Romania and NATO partner Australia joined the Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative on 20 November 2020. The Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative aims to strengthen the ability of navies to operate in a multinational context above, on, and under the water, in an increasingly complex maritime domain.
19 Nov. 2020 201119-ngrc2.jpg, 44.63KB

Five nations join forces to develop the Next Generation of Medium Multi-Role Helicopters

France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom announced the launch of a multinational project on Next-Generation Rotorcraft Capabilities on 19 November 2020.
30 Oct. 2020 201030-MSAP.jpg, 22.81KB

Students graduate from Multinational Special Aviation Programme Training Centre in Croatia

On Friday 30 October 2020 the first group of students from the NATO Multinational Special Aviation Training Programme hosted by Croatia received their graduation after successfully completing a first training module. Nineteen students completed the Special Operations Air Planning Course conducted at the Multinational Special Operations Programme campus in Zadar, Croatia.
23 Oct. 2020 201023-gbad.jpg, 49.01KB

Ten Allies agree to explore modular solution for ground based air defence

Ten NATO Defence Ministers launched a multinational initiative for developing very short range, short range and medium range Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) capabilities.

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