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22 Jun. 2023 230623-uv23.jpg, 33.82KB

NATO Allies and Sweden strengthen intelligence cooperation during Unified Vision 2023

From 30 May to 23 June, 18 Allies*, Sweden, numerous NATO entities and industry experts from across the Alliance tested and improved their ability to collect, process, exploit and share intelligence from seabed to space during Unified Vision 2023 (UV23), NATO’s biggest Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) exercise.
15 Feb. 2023 230215-APSS-Earth-View.jpg, 43.46KB

16 Allies, Finland and Sweden launch largest space project in NATO’s history

On Wednesday (15 February 2023), 16 Allies¹, together with invitees Finland and Sweden, launched a new initiative that will transform the way NATO gathers and uses data from space, significantly improve NATO’s intelligence and surveillance, and provide essential support to NATO’s military missions and operations.
14 Jun. 2021 210614-summit-luxembourg-signing.jpg, 48.29KB

NATO and Luxembourg boost Alliance Space Situational Awareness

Supported by Luxembourg, NATO plans to develop a Space Situational Awareness Capability that will provide NATO Headquarters with a clearer situational awareness of space.
09 Oct. 2020 201009-patten.jpg, 95.69KB

Meet Laryssa Patten, an engineer working to keep NATO’s technological edge in space

Laryssa Patten is a Canadian space engineer and expert working at NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency. Together with experts from other NATO Allies, she helps enhance NATO’s space technologies and services.
22 Jun. 2020 200622-UV20.jpg, 21.02KB

Unified Vision 2020 to guide further development of NATO Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities

NATO Allies joining this year’s Unified Vision (UV) event began today the second week of the operational evaluation of Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities across the Alliance.
19 Jun. 2018 180618-uv18.jpg - 180618-uv18.jpg , 23.03KB

Unified Vision 2018 tests interoperability and new technologies

NATO and Allied countries began testing last week resources in Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance with a focus on interoperability and on the ability of forces to work seamlessly together.
30 Jun. 2016 160629-uv16.jpg - 160629-uv16.jpg, 115.18KB

Exercise boosts NATO intelligence-sharing ahead of Summit

The Alliance’s ability to share and process complex intelligence was significantly improved through Unified Vision, a major 'trial' managed by Allied Command Transformation and NATO Headquarters in the context of NATO's Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, 14 – 29 June.
26 May. 2014 140524_UV14-1x276.jpg - 140524_UV14-1x276.jpg, 14.45KB

More than just information gathering – Giving commanders the edge

“Sir, hundreds of refugees are crossing the border now...” All of a sudden, the line goes dead. You switch your attention to reports coming in on terrorist activity spreading along the coast, but no coordinates are given. What do you do?
19 May. 2014 ags.jpg, 47.32KB

Maintaining NATO’s Technological Edge

The largest ever test of NATO’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities began on Monday (19 May 2014) at Ørland Air Station in Norway. The ten-day trial, called Unified Vision 2014 (UV14), involves more than 2,000 participants from 18 NATO nations and three partner nations. It will test some of the most advanced command and control systems to find ways to fuse the collected data in order to give commanders the technological edge they need.
24 May. 2012 120524-nato-ags.jpg - 120524-nato-ags.jpg, 56.33KB

Alliance Ground Surveillance to protect NATO forces

It weighs 6.7 tonnes, is nearly 5 metres long and has an endurance of more than 30 hours. It purrs like a Rolls Royce. It can see in any weather or light condition. Its name: Global Hawk Block 40 or RQ-4. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and its four little brothers are being procured by 13 NATO nations. The aim: to provide the Alliance with a ground, maritime and air surveillance capability.

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