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14 Apr. 2022 20220411_finnish_F-18.jpg, 26.28KB

Allies practise air interoperability with Finland and Sweden

NATO Allies and partners Finland and Sweden, have had a week of intensive cooperation in the skies over Estonia in the just-concluded exercise Ramstein Alloy. The regular NATO exercise focused on real-world scenarios faced by NATO’s Air Policing personnel deployed in the Baltic region.
18 Mar. 2022 220318-ims1.jpg, 56.37KB

''Interoperability is at the heart of our Alliance'', says the Chair of the NATO Military Committee

On 16-18 March 2022, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer was in Norway, where he met with His Majesty King Harald V of Norway, the Minister of Defence, H.E.Mr Odd Roger Enoksen and the Chief of Defence, General Eirik Kristoffersen. He also attended the Distinguished Visitors’ Day for exercise Brilliant Jump 22.
23 Feb. 2022 220223-manta.jpg, 30.87KB

NATO Allies train anti-submarine tactics during exercise Dynamic Manta

NATO’s annual anti-submarine warfare exercise, Dynamic Manta, kicked off on Monday (21 February 2022) off the coast of Sicily. Ships, submarines, as well as aircraft and personnel from nine Allied nations converged in the central Mediterranean Sea for anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare training.
07 Feb. 2022 220107-NATO-battlegroup.jpg, 41.76KB

NATO battlegroup wraps up largest winter exercise in Estonia

Around 1,400 NATO soldiers took part in exercise Winter Camp in Estonia this year, testing their infantry and armour capabilities against harsh winter conditions. The annual exercise, which ran from 29 January to 6 February in 2022, involved British, French and Estonian forces from NATO's multinational battlegroup in Tapa. As the largest winter exercise for the battlegroup, Winter Camp incorporated live firing, anti-tank exercises, infantry patrols and engineering tasks.
29 Sep. 2020 200929-70YearsNSO.jpg, 31.96KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General: standardization makes interoperability amongst Allies possible

Today (29 September 2020), in an online event marking 70 years of NATO standardization, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană stressed the importance of standardization for NATO’s cohesion and effectiveness.
17 Jul. 2020 191016b-005.jpg - NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana, 41.73KB

Emerging and disruptive technology webinar on interoperability

In the context of its ongoing work on Emerging and Disruptive Technologies, NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division organized a webinar on 16 July 2020 on interoperability. The workshop brought together Allied officials and external experts to discuss interoperability when it comes to dealing with a range of new, and rapidly evolving, technologies.
26 Jun. 2020 200626-cwix20.jpg, 27.09KB

NATO exercise helps improve interoperability for 22 nations across 10 time zones

The Coalition Warrior exercise - NATO’s largest interoperability event - drew to a successful close on Thursday (25 June 2020). The exercise, which took place virtually this year, saw participants log in from test sites in San Diego on the US West Coast all the way to Ankara, Turkey.
13 Jun. 2016 160613-ims.jpg - 160613-ims.jpg , 56.58KB

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee supports NATO efforts for enhanced interoperability

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Peter Pavel attends the Distinguished Visitor’s Day of the annual NATO-led Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX), held at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz (Poland) from June 13-30, 2016.
08 Sep. 2014 140908-st-javelin.jpg - 140908-st-javelin.jpg, 34.49KB

NATO Exercise Steadfast Javelin II tests Allied interoperability

NATO-led Exercise Steadfast Javelin II wrapped up on Monday (8 September 2014) after a week of intensive training which involved over 2,000 troops from 10 Allied nations. The exercise, which took place in Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, focused on strengthening interoperability between air and ground forces through airborne and air assault missions. "With this exercise NATO sent the clear message that it is committed and ready to protect member nations’ territory at any time,” General Hans-Lothar Domröse, Commander Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFCB) said.
17 Jun. 2014 140520c-002.jpg - Special Operations Forces -€“ a smaller footprint, 29.87KB

Versatile Special Operations Forces for new threats

Kicking down a door, a Romanian special operator recovers a hostage from an enemy fighter that just collapsed under the fire of incoming boats. He races back to his Danish and Norwegian companions and out across the water to Blackhawk helicopters waiting to fly them to safety.

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