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26 Jun. 2020 200626-cwix20.jpg, 27.09KB

NATO exercise helps improve interoperability for 22 nations across 10 time zones

The Coalition Warrior exercise - NATO’s largest interoperability event - drew to a successful close on Thursday (25 June 2020). The exercise, which took place virtually this year, saw participants log in from test sites in San Diego on the US West Coast all the way to Ankara, Turkey.
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Chairman of the NATO Military Committee supports NATO efforts for enhanced interoperability

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Peter Pavel attends the Distinguished Visitor’s Day of the annual NATO-led Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX), held at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz (Poland) from June 13-30, 2016.
08 Sep. 2014 140908-st-javelin.jpg - 140908-st-javelin.jpg, 34.43KB

NATO Exercise Steadfast Javelin II tests Allied interoperability

NATO-led Exercise Steadfast Javelin II wrapped up on Monday (8 September 2014) after a week of intensive training which involved over 2,000 troops from 10 Allied nations. The exercise, which took place in Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, focused on strengthening interoperability between air and ground forces through airborne and air assault missions. "With this exercise NATO sent the clear message that it is committed and ready to protect member nations’ territory at any time,” General Hans-Lothar Domröse, Commander Joint Forces Command Brunssum (JFCB) said.
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Spring NC3B meeting focuses on interoperability

The NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board (NC3B), the senior multinational Committee advising the North Atlantic Council on Consultation, Command and Control (C3) policy, conducted its Spring Meeting on 19 - 20 May 2009 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.
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«Unified Vision 12 » - putting interoperability to the test

Since its foundation more than 60 years ago, the Alliance has strived to enable its military forces to work together effectively and efficiently. Modern threats such as terrorism and cyber attacks combined with economic austerity have made the need for increased cooperation and exchange of information even more important. Interoperable solutions are tested regularly through various means, including training and trials such as the “Unified Vision 12” trials held in Ørland, Norway from 18-29 June.
22 Apr. 2010 100415-nc3a.jpg, 32.30KB

France and NATO to test interoperability of surveillance capabilities in Afghanistan

France has become the first country to subscribe to the Alliance’s Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Step 1 Testing under the Distributed Networked Battle Labs framework managed by the NATO C3 Agency (NC3A). The Battle Labs framework is a collaborative effort between NATO and industry that aims to deliver capability to operational forces more quickly and improve the effectiveness of the capabilities delivered.
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Training for future peace and security

Improving the operational capabilities of NATO’s forces is an important part of the Alliance’s transformation to meet evolving security challenges and to promote peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic area and beyond. Through networks of educational institutions and training centres, and regular exercises, the Alliance is constantly striving to improve the effectiveness of its personnel and interoperability of its forces.
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Why we need to invest in defence

Defence spending is declining across the Alliance due to the economic crisis. Yet freedom, security and stability do not come for free. In fact, investing in defence underpins the stability needed for sustainable economic growth. In an uncertain security environment, NATO must have the right forces and capabilities needed to deter and defend against any threat, as well as to play an influential role in international developments. Only in this way can it continue to protect its members’ vital security interests, as well as promote and defend the values that are at the core of our Alliance.
01 Apr. 2014 140401-baltic.jpg - 140401-baltic.jpg, 22.79KB

NATO and Swedish Fighter Jets train together over the Baltic Sea

Two U.S. fighter jets under NATO command were scrambled from the Siauliai air base in Lithuania Tuesday (1 April 2014) to exercise with two Swedish Gripen fighter aircraft over the Baltic Sea, in a training event designed to improve coordination and emergency procedures.
28 Jun. 2013 130628-cap-log1.jpg - 130628-cap-log1.jpg, 14.18KB

Logisticians in ''Fairyland''

NATO forces were deployed to the fictitious country of “Fairyland” to put logistic systems, equipment and procedures to the test in what was the Alliance’s largest-ever logistics exercise. Held in Slovakia from 8 to 26 June, Capable Logistician 2013 involved NATO member and partner countries in a simulated crisis involving inter-ethnic conflict and floods of refugees.

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