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01 Dec. 2023 231201-exercise-cyber-coalition1.jpg, 33.57KB

NATO’s flagship cyber exercise concludes in Estonia

From 27 November to 1 December, Allied and partner cyber defenders tested their ability to protect networks and critical infrastructure against realistic and complex cyber threats and attacks.
13 Oct. 2023 231013-steadfast.jpg, 50.36KB

NATO holds long-planned annual nuclear exercise

NATO will launch its long-planned annual nuclear exercise “Steadfast Noon” on Monday (16 October 2023) with up to 60 aircraft taking part in training flights over southern Europe.
06 Oct. 2023 231006-exec-north.jpg, 42.23KB

NATO Allies and partners conclude exercises Northern Challenge 23 and Northern Spirit 23 in Iceland

Two NATO exercises involving Allies and partners have conclude in Keflavik, Iceland: Northern Challenge 23 and Northern Spirit 23. Northern Challenge is an annual exercise led by the Icelandic Coast Guard, aimed at delivering the most modernised explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and improvised device devices disposal (IEDD) training globally. The exercise took place from 21 September to 4 October.
22 Sep. 2023 230922-drone2.jpg, 95.69KB

NATO tests counter-drone technologies during exercise

From 12 to 22 September 2023, over 300 participants from 15 Allied and three partner nations, the European Union and the private sector gathered in the Netherlands to increase their ability to counter potential threats posed by the malign use of small drones.
19 Sep. 2023 230919-repmus.jpg, 61.99KB

NATO exercises with new maritime unmanned systems in Portugal

Two exercises focusing on the integration of new maritime technologies into NATO operations and the ability of autonomous underwater vehicles to operate together are being held in Portugal this month.
09 Sep. 2023 230909a-002.jpg - Northern Coasts exercise, 52.56KB

NATO navies hold annual Northern Coasts collective defence exercise in the Baltic Sea

Some 30 warships and 3,200 personnel from 15 nations will participate in the annual two-week naval exercise Northern Coasts, which starts on Saturday (9 September 2023) in the Baltic Sea, primarily off the coasts of Estonia and Latvia. Led by the German Navy, Northern Coasts is one of the biggest exercises in the region, and is focusing for the first time on high-end warfare and the collective defence of NATO Allies.
23 Aug. 2023 230823-bomber.jpg, 49.57KB

US bombers arrive in Iceland for training with NATO Allies

US Bomber Task Force is currently underway, with over 150 U.S. Air Force Airmen and three B-2 Spirit aircraft from Whiteman Air Force Base, USA, deployed to Keflavik Air Base in Iceland on 13 August 2023. The aim of the mission is to improve NATO forces’ ability to integrate and enhance collective defence objectives, and to bolster their readiness to engage in a wide spectrum of military operations.
26 Jun. 2023 230626a-025.jpg - NATO Secretary General in Lithuania , 127.11KB

NATO Secretary General visits German and Lithuanian troops in Exercise Griffin Storm

Visiting Pabrade, Lithuania, on Monday (26 June 2023), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met German and Lithuanian troops training together in Exercise Griffin Storm. He was joined by President Gitanas Nausėda and German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius.
22 Jun. 2023 230623-uv23.jpg, 33.82KB

NATO Allies and Sweden strengthen intelligence cooperation during Unified Vision 2023

From 30 May to 23 June, 18 Allies*, Sweden, numerous NATO entities and industry experts from across the Alliance tested and improved their ability to collect, process, exploit and share intelligence from seabed to space during Unified Vision 2023 (UV23), NATO’s biggest Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR) exercise.
20 Jun. 2023 230620-sg-air-defender1.jpg - NATO Secretary General visits Germany, 38.48KB

NATO Secretary General visits exercise Air Defender in Germany

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met and thanked personnel participating in exercise Air Defender 2023 together with the German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius at Air Base Jagel in northern Germany on Tuesday (20 June 2023).

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