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19 Dec. 2019 191219-exercise-mou.jpg - 191219-exercise-mou.jpg, 52.10KB

NATO and North Macedonia strengthen cooperation through consequence management exercise

“NATO’s consequence management field exercises are highly recognized internationally and are characterized by their inclusive planning process and wide participation. The contributions and involvement of representatives from Allied and partner nations, International Organisations, Non-Governmental and National Organisations are key to its value and its success,” NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations, Mr. Jonathan Parish said today (19 December 2019) in Skopje. “In these exercises, nations come together from across the Alliance, and from around the world, to practise international response to large scale disasters; and next year, from 20 to 25 September, for the first time, they will do so here in this country,” he added.
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NATO ships test next generation of electronic warfare defences

Thirteen NATO countries are taking part in simulated air and missile defence drills off the United Kingdom’s southern coast from Thursday (31 October 2019). The 6-day Naval Electro Magnetic Operations – or “NEMO” – trials will test how allied navies can defend themselves against anti-ship cruise and hypersonic missiles using state-of-the-art electronic defences.
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Over 3000 troops begin exercise Silver Arrow in Latvia

Over 3,000 troops and 200 vehicles from 12 NATO Allies¹ are taking part in exercise Silver Arrow in Latvia this week. The multinational exercise, which wraps up on 3 October, provides an opportunity for forces to enhance their readiness, and train with one of four NATO battlegroups in the region.
18 Sep. 2019 190909-exercise-engineer-thunder.jpg - 190909-exercise-engineer-thunder.jpg , 29.15KB

NATO Allies wrap up exercise Engineer Thunder 2019

Engineer Thunder 2019, a major Lithuanian-led exercise, wrapped up in Pabrade on Friday (13 September 2019). The exercise, which began on 4 September, mobilised troops from NATO’s enhanced forward presence battlegroup in Lithuania, as well as combat engineers from Latvia, Poland and the United States.
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Why is it important to safeguard free access to the seas? Discover the role of a NATO maritime expert

Paul Beckley grew up in Long Island in south-eastern New York State. When he was a young boy, he liked watching the fishing boats entering the marina. “I loved the smell of the salt air,” says Paul. “Few years after, I joined the US Naval Academy. I was 18 years old.”
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NATO navies arrive in Halifax for Cutlass Fury, largest such naval exercise in decades

Around 2,800 sailors and airmen from eight nations are gathering in Halifax on Friday (6 September 2019) for Cutlass Fury 2019 – the largest Canadian-led naval exercise to take place off Canada’s east coast in decades. The eleven-day exercise will begin on Monday, bringing together 20 ships and 36 aircraft in the waters off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Training will include air defence, defence against attack from enemy navy vessels, air-to-air combat and defence against submarines.
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Over 40 ships begin exercise Northern Coasts in the Baltic Sea

Around 3,000 troops and more than 40 vessels from 18 nations are taking part in the annual Northern Coasts naval exercise that starts on 3 September in Copenhagen harbour. Northern Coasts will take place near the Danish straits connecting the Baltic Sea to the North Sea, as well as between Kiel and Bornholm. It will run until 19 September.
19 Jul. 2019 190712a-013.jpg - Exercise Breeze 2019 , 38.50KB

NATO ships exercise in the Black Sea

Over 2,000 forces and 27 ships are taking part in exercise Breeze 2019 in the Black Sea. The Bulgarian-led maritime exercise, which began on 12 July, involves forces from 12 NATO Allies – Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.
04 Jul. 2019 190704-black-sea.jpg - 190704-black-sea.jpg, 46.17KB

NATO fleet enters Black Sea for exercises

One of NATO’s standing naval groups entered the Black Sea on Tuesday (2 July 2019). Over the coming weeks, NATO Standing Maritime Group Two – including ships from Canada, Romania, Turkey and the UK – will conduct routine maritime security operations and exercises with NATO Allies and partners.
26 Jun. 2019 190626-CWIX.jpg - 190626-CWIX.jpg, 17.33KB

NATO exercise helps Allies to operate and innovate together

NATO’s annual Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exercise (CWIX) has just concluded at the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Over the last three weeks, more than 1,500 engineers, scientists, industry representatives and military operators from NATO Allies, partners and organizations took part in the event, which was the largest of this series of exercises to date.

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