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13 Jul. 2020 200710-dynamic-mongoose.jpg, 83.26KB

NATO maritime exercise Dynamic Mongoose ends in the High North

NATO maritime exercise Dynamic Mongoose concluded on Friday (10 July 2020) off the coast of Iceland. Ships, submarines, aircraft and personnel from six Allies took part in the anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare exercise.
29 Jun. 2020 200629-marcom.jpg, 37.17KB

NATO’s anti-submarine warfare exercise begins off coast of Iceland

NATO exercise ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ kicked off on Monday (29 June 2020) off the coast of Iceland. Naval forces from Canada, France, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States are participating in the exercise, with Iceland providing logistical support. Dynamic Mongoose will involve five submarines, five ships and five maritime patrol aircraft. The submarines will take turns hunting and being hunted, closely coordinating their efforts with the air and surface participants.
26 Jun. 2020 200626-cwix20.jpg, 27.09KB

NATO exercise helps improve interoperability for 22 nations across 10 time zones

The Coalition Warrior exercise - NATO’s largest interoperability event - drew to a successful close on Thursday (25 June 2020). The exercise, which took place virtually this year, saw participants log in from test sites in San Diego on the US West Coast all the way to Ankara, Turkey.
24 Jun. 2020 200624-marcom-tunisia.jpg, 18.06KB

NATO and Tunisian ships exercise together in the Mediterranean

Frigates from Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 exercised with two vessels from the Tunisian Navy in the waters north of Bizerte, Tunisia on Monday (22 June 2020). In a demonstration of deepening cooperation between NATO and Tunisia, the four ships performed a communication drill, followed by a series of maneuvers, and concluded by a traditional ‘sailpast’ and salute.
08 Jun. 2020 200608-baltops.jpg, 9.92KB

NATO navies and air forces exercise in the Baltic Sea

Around 3,000 personnel from 19 NATO Allies and partners are taking part in the annual BALTOPS naval exercise that kicked off in the Baltic Sea on Sunday (7 June 2020). The 49th BALTOPS exercise, which runs until 16 June, involves maritime and air forces with around 30 ships and submarines, and 30 aircraft. The training includes air defence, anti-submarine warfare, maritime interdiction and mine countermeasure operations.
15 May. 2020 200515-marcom.jpg, 59.56KB

Baltic Sea mine warfare drill concludes

The Baltic region’s biggest annual mine counter-measures exercise – named Open Spirit – concluded on Thursday (14 May 2020). The Baltic Sea still contains explosives dating from the Second World War, and over the course of the two-week exercise, NATO minehunters helped to find and defuse 32 legacy mines, making the Baltic Sea safer. The exercise involved ten ships from five Allies: Estonia, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, and Norway.
04 May. 2020 200504-spring-storm.jpg, 44.44KB

Modified exercise Spring Storm kicks off in Estonia

Allied forces have kicked off live-fire training in Estonia, as part of the annual exercise Spring Storm. Led by Estonia, Spring Storm tests the integration between NATO troops and the Estonian Defence Forces (EDF), strengthening their ability in times of crisis. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s exercise is scaled down, with around 3,200 troops participating, compared to 9,000 last year.
21 Apr. 2020 200421-aircom.jpg, 27.94KB

NATO conducts Baltic air-policing drills

SIAULIAI, Lithuania - On April 20 and 21, air forces from four Allies and two Partners and a NATO E-3A AWACS plane conduct live-fly training flights in segregated training areas and international airspace over the Baltic Sea.
10 Apr. 2020 200410-marcom-joint-warrior.jpg, 65.05KB

Maritime exercise Joint Warrior concludes

NORTHWOOD, United Kingdom - Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) participated in UK-led exercise Joint Warrior, wrapping up on Thursday. Usually one of the largest maritime exercises in the year, Joint Warrior in the United Kingdom (UK), has been de-scoped due to the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak. The exercise ran for two weeks, wrapping up on 9 April 2020.
07 Apr. 2020 200407-chaplain.jpg, 54.93KB

Meet Major Stephen Dicks, a chaplain deployed to Europe with the US 1st Cavalry Division

Major Stephen Dicks is 45 years old and serves in the 1st Cavalry Division Artillery of the United States Army. Based at Fort Hood, Texas, this division is one of the most decorated combat divisions of the US Army. But the major is not an artilleryman – he is a chaplain.

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