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19 Mar. 2019 190319-sg-zaev.jpg - 190319-sg-zaev.jpg, 47.60KB

NATO Secretary General welcomes the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev of North Macedonia

Following a meeting with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Tuesday (19 March 2019), the NATO Secretary General said that the signature of the Accession Protocol for the Republic of North Macedonia in February was a historic moment for the country and for NATO. “Your leadership helped make this happen”, he said. “By working with Athens you have shown what courage, commitment and diplomacy can achieve.”
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Secretary General praises NATO’s Open Door policy at enlargement anniversary event

NATO’s Open Door policy extends our shared area of peace and stability and enriches our Alliance with new voices, new experiences, and new capabilities, said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He delivered a keynote speech today (18 March) at a German Marshall Fund (GMF) event titled “NATO at seventy – post-Cold War enlargement and the future of Transatlantic security”.
12 Mar. 2019 190312-dsg-enlargement.jpg - 190312-dsg-enlargement.jpg, 66.46KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General commemorates NATO enlargement in Prague

NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller participated in a commemoration ceremony in Prague on Tuesday (12 March 2019) to mark the 15th and 20th anniversaries of the Visegrad countries joining NATO. The Deputy Secretary General addressed the conference after President Miloš Zeman of the Czech Republic, President János Áder of Hungary, President Andrzej Duda of Poland and President Andrej Kiska of Slovakia.
11 Feb. 2019 190211-mc-invitee.jpg - 190211-mc-invitee.jpg, 44.77KB

The NATO Military Committee in Permanent Session welcomes the future Republic of North Macedonia as Invitee

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee chaired the first Military Committee in Permanent Session (MCPS) on 11 February with a representative from Skopje participating as an observer.
06 Feb. 2019 190206-skopje-acession3-.jpg - 190206-skopje-acession3-.jpg, 33.92KB

NATO Allies sign Accession Protocol for the future Republic of North Macedonia

At NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday (6 February 2019) the Permanent Representatives to NATO of the 29 members of the Alliance signed the Accession Protocol for the future Republic of North Macedonia. The signing ceremony took place in the presence of Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov.
21 Jan. 2019 181203-asg-intel.jpg - 181203-asg-intel.jpg, 25.27KB

NATO intelligence chief visits Skopje for talks on defence reforms

The head of NATO’s intelligence and security division, Ambassador Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven, started three days of talks in Skopje on Monday (21 January 2019) focused on reforming the country’s defence and security institutions.
18 Oct. 2018 181018a-013.jpg - Accession Talks with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(1) begin, 66.97KB

Formal Accession Talks with Skopje begin at NATO Headquarters

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia¹ marked an important step on its road towards NATO membership on Thursday (18 October 2018), beginning two days of formal Accession Talks at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.
06 Sep. 2018 180905a-025.jpg - NATO Secretary General visits the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1), 30.89KB

Secretary General visits Skopje to discuss progress in NATO accession talks

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wrapped up a two-day visit to Skopje on Thursday (6 September 2018), which focused on the country’s path toward NATO membership. At the Brussels Summit in July, Allied leaders decided to invite the government in Skopje to begin accession talks with the Alliance, which have now begun.
12 Jul. 2018 180712-sg-skopje.jpg - 180712-sg-skopje.jpg, 48.32KB

NATO Secretary General and Prime Minister Zaev mark the beginning of accession talks

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with Prime Minister Zaev on Thursday 12 July 2018 for a ceremony marking the beginning of accession talks with Skopje.
29 Jun. 2018 180629-sg-jpp-fyrom2.jpg - 180629-sg-jpp-fyrom2.jpg , 28.86KB

NATO Secretary General discusses recent breakthrough in name issue with Prime Minister Zaev

The Secretary General said that this is an historic opportunity which cannot be missed. He said that at the NATO Summit in two weeks, he expects that Allied Heads of State and Government will invite Skopje to start accession talks.

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