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18 May. 2020 200518-jtac2.jpg - NATO JTAC training with RAF, 73.90KB

NATO Allies practise close air support in Lithuania

Troops from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Lithuania are training together with British and Spanish pilots from the Alliance’s Baltic Air Policing mission. The training, which began on Monday (11 May 2020) and wraps up this week, provides an opportunity to improve close air support and air crew procedures and skills.
18 Sep. 2019 190909-exercise-engineer-thunder.jpg - 190909-exercise-engineer-thunder.jpg , 28.99KB

NATO Allies wrap up exercise Engineer Thunder 2019

Engineer Thunder 2019, a major Lithuanian-led exercise, wrapped up in Pabrade on Friday (13 September 2019). The exercise, which began on 4 September, mobilised troops from NATO’s enhanced forward presence battlegroup in Lithuania, as well as combat engineers from Latvia, Poland and the United States.
21 May. 2019 190521-french-estonia.jpg - 190521-french-estonia.jpg, 60.91KB

French troops join NATO battlegroup in Estonia

Around 300 French soldiers have joined NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup in Tapa, Estonia. On Thursday (16 May 2019), a ceremony took place in Tapa to mark the transfer of authority from Belgium to France.
17 Apr. 2019 190417-eager-leopard1.jpg - 190417-eager-leopard1.jpg, 33.11KB

NATO battlegroup exercises in Lithuania

NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Lithuania began exercise Eager Leopard in Pabrade on Wednesday (17 April 2019). The exercise mobilises around 650 troops, including Czech, Dutch, German and Norwegian forces. It provides an opportunity for the battlegroup to enhance its readiness, testing its ability to deploy troops and equipment.
18 Feb. 2019 190219-black-sea.jpg - 190219-black-sea.jpg, 36.12KB

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group visits the Black Sea

NATO’s countermine group 2 pulled into the Black Sea on Tuesday (19 February 2019) for a routine programme of port visits and exercises. As part of their patrol, the group will participate in exercise Poseidon, an annual mine countermeasures drill hosted by Romania and Bulgaria.
18 Feb. 2019 190218-lithuania.jpg - 190218-lithuania.jpg, 39.54KB

NATO forces conduct cold weather training in Lithuania

Dutch and Czech forces from one of NATO’s battlegroups in the eastern part of the Alliance are taking part in cold weather training in Lithuania. This month, soldiers are learning how to survive in extreme weather conditions.
15 Nov. 2018 181105a-004.jpg - Exercise Scorpions Fury 2018, 108.17KB

Eight Allies join forces in Romania for Exercise SCORPIONS FURY 18

Around 1,800 troops from NATO Allies Bulgaria, Canada, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain are taking part in the Romania-led exercise SCORPIONS FURY 18 from 5 to 16 November.
07 Sep. 2018 180907-efp1.jpg - 180907-efp1.jpg, 56.24KB

NATO battlegroups exercise across Baltic borders

The Czech contingent of NATO’s enhanced forward presence battlegroup in Lithuania recently took part in exercise Namejs 2018 in Latvia, along with around 10,000 participants from 13 NATO Allies. The exercise concluded on 2 September 2018, after two action-filled weeks of training, focusing on the mobility, readiness and interoperability of NATO and national forces. It was the largest exercise of its kind ever conducted in Latvia and took place in every region of the country.
15 Jun. 2018 180613a-008.jpg - NATO Allies practice river crossing with amphibious rigs at Exercise Saber Strike 18, 106.12KB

19 NATO Allies and partners wrap up exercise Saber Strike 2018

Saber Strike 2018, a major US-led multinational exercise, wrapped up in Poland on Friday (15 June 2018), with a live-fire demonstration involving Polish F-16s and MI-24 attack helicopters. The exercise, which began on 3 June, mobilised around 18,000 troops from 19 NATO Allies and partners. It provided an opportunity for forces to enhance their readiness and train across the Baltic states and Poland.
02 May. 2018 180502-exercise-siil-2018.jpg - 180502-exercise-siil-2018.jpg, 56.18KB

Exercise Siil 2018 kicks off in Estonia

Exercise Siil 2018, involving over 15,000 Allied and partner troops from 19 different countries, as well as forces from NATO's enhanced Forward Presence, kicked off in Estonia on Wednesday (2 May 2018).

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