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14 Jun. 2024 240614d-009.jpg - Press conference by the NATO Secretary General - Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence, 100.97KB

NATO Defence Ministers agree plan to lead coordination of security assistance and training for Ukraine, address deterrence and defence

NATO Defence Ministers concluded a two-day meeting on Friday (14 June 2024) to prepare the Washington Summit in July. They discussed strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defence and support for Ukraine.
23 May. 2024 240523-logistics-com.jpg, 59.20KB

Logistics Committee discusses how to further strengthen the Alliance’s deterrence and defence posture

The NATO Logistics Committee, NATO's principal high-level body dealing with logistics, met at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on 21-22 May 2024. Allies’ discussions focused on how to implement NATO’s defence plans, which will ensure that NATO can continue to deter and defend by moving forces and equipment to the right place and at the right time.
15 Feb. 2024 240215f-004.jpg - Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence in Brussels, Belgium - Press conference by NATO Secretary General, 69.33KB

Defence ministers address strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defence, support to Ukraine

NATO Defence Ministers met on Thursday (15 February 2024) to address the Alliance’s deterrence and defence, as well as support to Ukraine.
07 Feb. 2024 240207a-006.jpg - North Atlantic Council Meeting with the Invitee in National Security Advisers Format at NATO Headquarters, 99.94KB

NATO Secretary General chairs meeting of National Security Advisers, addresses preparations for Washington Summit

National Security Advisers from all NATO Allies and invitee Sweden met in Brussels on Wednesday (7 February 2024) to discuss preparations for the Washington Summit in July, including continued support to Ukraine, strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defence, and the growing challenges posed by China.
26 Jan. 2024 240126a-004.jpg - NATO Secretary General meets the Prime Minister of Montenegro, 85.83KB

Secretary General hails Montenegro's commitments to NATO, key role in Western Balkans, support to Ukraine

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Prime Minister of Montenegro Milojko Spajić to NATO Headquarters on Friday (26 January 2024). They discussed preparations for the upcoming Washington Summit and continued efforts to bolster the Alliance’s deterrence and defence.
14 Dec. 2023 231214a-004.jpg - The Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic visits NATO, 79.64KB

NATO Secretary General with Prime Minister of Slovakia: support to Ukraine is not charity, it is an investment in our security

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico to NATO Headquarters on Thursday (14 December 2023). Mr Stoltenberg praised Slovakia’s commitment to the Alliance, including hosting a multinational NATO battlegroup, deploying forces to Latvia, and planning to invest 2% of GDP in defence this year. They also discussed continued support to Ukraine and further bolstering the Alliance’s deterrence and defence.
12 Dec. 2023 231213-DIPB.JPG - Inaugural meeting of the Defence Industrial Production Board, 107.70KB

NATO’s new Defence Industrial Production Board meets to boost defence industrial capacity

On Wednesday 13 December, senior representatives from across the Alliance gathered at NATO Headquarters in Brussels to hold the first meeting of the Defence Industrial Production Board. The Board is a key part of stepping up efforts for defence production - both to increase national capabilities for deterrence and defence, and to replenish the stockpiles that have been depleted by their support to Ukraine. A robust and flexible defence industry contributes to strengthening the Alliance’s deterrence and defence.
08 Dec. 2023 231208-defence-cooperation.jpg, 39.97KB

Moldova hosts meeting on defence cooperation with NATO partners

Representatives from Allied and partner countries met in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova from 5 to 7 December 2023 to exchange views on defence capacity building programmes to support several NATO's partners, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iraq, Jordan, Mauritania, Moldova, and Tunisia.
13 Oct. 2023 231013-steadfast.jpg, 50.36KB

NATO holds long-planned annual nuclear exercise

NATO will launch its long-planned annual nuclear exercise “Steadfast Noon” on Monday (16 October 2023) with up to 60 aircraft taking part in training flights over southern Europe.
12 Oct. 2023 231012c-016.jpg - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers’ Session together with Sweden - Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence - Brussels, 87.50KB

Defence Ministers address deterrence and defence, NATO missions, situation in the Middle East

NATO Defence Ministers wrapped up two days of meetings in Brussels on Thursday (12 October 2023), addressing the Alliance’s defence plans and operations, and meeting with their Israeli counterpart.

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