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13 Dec. 2021 211213a-005.jpg - First Strategic Concept seminar, 76.60KB

NATO Secretary General underlines need for strong deterrence and defence

In an age of strategic competition, when the rules-based international order is under pressure, NATO Allies need strong deterrence and defence to maintain our free and open societies, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told a seminar on the future of the NATO Alliance on Monday (13 December).
03 Nov. 2021 211103-sg-nucl-symp.jpg - NATO Secretary General addresses Nuclear Policy Symposium, 91.62KB

NATO Secretary General addresses annual Nuclear Policy Symposium

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg virtually addressed NATO’s annual Nuclear Policy Symposium on Wednesday (3 November 2021), saying that the Alliance is adapting to a more challenging security environment and responding to growing nuclear threats.
18 Oct. 2021 211018-flags.jpg, 75.92KB

NATO launches annual deterrence exercise

NATO kicked off its annual deterrence exercise on Monday (18 October 2021), with dozens of aircraft from across the Alliance practicing the defence of NATO’s European Allies. The week-long exercise, called “Steadfast Noon”, is taking place over southern Europe, and involves aircraft and personnel from 14 NATO countries.
03 Dec. 2020 201203-boris.jpg, 53.82KB

Meet Captain Boris, who stands ready to defend his Ally, Lithuania

Captain Boris serves in the Régiment de Marche du Tchad, a French Army infantry regiment made up of marine forces that contributes to NATO’s enhanced forward presence in Lithuania. There, he commands around one hundred infantry troops.
09 Oct. 2020 201009-patten.jpg, 93.51KB

Meet Laryssa Patten, an engineer working to keep NATO’s technological edge in space

Laryssa Patten is a Canadian space engineer and expert working at NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency. Together with experts from other NATO Allies, she helps enhance NATO’s space technologies and services.
20 Jul. 2020 200720-cyber1.jpg, 16.32KB

Meet Dan Black, a cyber analyst protecting NATO networks against cyber threats

Dan Black is a senior analyst at NATO Headquarters, at NATO’s Emerging Security Challenges Division. This Canadian citizen deals with current and future security issues.
17 Apr. 2020 200417-uss-porter.jpg, 46.28KB

US destroyers conduct operations with NATO Allies in the Baltic and Black Seas

Two destroyers with the United States 6th Fleet are operating in the Baltic and Black Seas, demonstrating NATO's continued vigilance and commitment to deterrence and defence in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
07 Apr. 2020 200407-chaplain.jpg, 54.93KB

Meet Major Stephen Dicks, a chaplain deployed to Europe with the US 1st Cavalry Division

Major Stephen Dicks is 45 years old and serves in the 1st Cavalry Division Artillery of the United States Army. Based at Fort Hood, Texas, this division is one of the most decorated combat divisions of the US Army. But the major is not an artilleryman – he is a chaplain.
17 Sep. 2019 190917-ulm.jpg - 190917-ulm.jpg, 33.70KB

New NATO command declared operational

A new NATO command in the German city of Ulm achieved initial operating capability on Tuesday (17 September 2019). The establishment of the Joint Support and Enabling Command is part of NATO’s increased deterrence and defence in response to a changed security environment. The new command will help to speed up, coordinate and safeguard the movement of allied armour and infantry across European borders.
06 Sep. 2019 190905-riga-nuclear-deterrence1.jpg, 57.61KB

NATO diplomats and experts meet in Riga to discuss NATO’s nuclear deterrence

Senior diplomats, policy experts, academics and NATO officials are meeting in Riga on Thursday (5 September 2019) to discuss NATO’s nuclear deterrence and defence at a time when Russia’s destabilising actions and military build-up are undermining security in Europe.

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