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04 Jun. 2020 200604-quentin.jpg, 24.13KB

Meet Flight Lieutenant Quentin, a French fighter pilot protecting the Baltic skies

Flight Lieutenant Quentin is a fighter pilot with the French Air Force. Operating out of Amari base in Estonia, he safeguards the airspace of the Baltic countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
28 May. 2020 200528-air-policing.jpg, 47.22KB

Spain successfully completes first month leading NATO’s Baltic Air Policing

Spain will complete its first month leading the current rotation of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission this week, after taking over on the 1st of May. Based at Šiauliai Airbase in Lithuania, the Spanish Air Force is helping to protect the airspace of NATO’s Baltic Allies Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania until the end of August. Spain’s deployment is supplemented by detachments of UK jets at Siauliai, as well as French jets based at Amari Airbase in Estonia.
18 May. 2020 200518-jtac2.jpg - NATO JTAC training with RAF, 73.90KB

NATO Allies practise close air support in Lithuania

Troops from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Lithuania are training together with British and Spanish pilots from the Alliance’s Baltic Air Policing mission. The training, which began on Monday (11 May 2020) and wraps up this week, provides an opportunity to improve close air support and air crew procedures and skills.
30 Apr. 2020 200430-air-policing2.jpg, 15.63KB

Third interception of Russian military aircraft in two days

NATO fighter jets have been scrambled to intercept Russian military aircraft that approached Allied airspace three times in the last two days
29 Apr. 2020 200429-air-policing.jpg, 29.92KB

Spain, France, UK take up Baltic air-policing mission

Spain, France and the United Kingdom will take up NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission starting in May, guarding the skies over the Baltic region for the next four months.
21 Apr. 2020 200421-aircom.jpg, 27.94KB

NATO conducts Baltic air-policing drills

SIAULIAI, Lithuania - On April 20 and 21, air forces from four Allies and two Partners and a NATO E-3A AWACS plane conduct live-fly training flights in segregated training areas and international airspace over the Baltic Sea.
27 Mar. 2020 200327-intercept.jpg, 22.05KB

NATO forces intercept Russian aircraft, track Russian ships

Belgian Air Force jets which are part of NATO air policing in the Baltic Sea region intercepted a Russian military aircraft flying close to Allied airspace on Thursday (26 March 2020) after it failed to respect international safety norms. The scramble, the third in consecutive days, happened over the Baltic Sea and comes as armed forces across the Alliance are helping nations to address the coronavirus crisis.
12 Mar. 2020 200311-aircom.jpg, 27.58KB

Allied fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft

Fighter jets from several NATO countries scrambled on Wednesday (11 March 2020) to intercept Russian military aircraft off the western coasts of Scotland and Ireland and over the Gulf of Biscay.
03 Sep. 2019 190903-air-policing.jpg - 190903-air-policing.jpg, 24.53KB

Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark take up NATO air-policing duties

Starting in September, Belgian, Czech and Danish fighter aircraft will take up responsibility for patrolling the skies over the three Baltic countries as part of NATO’s air policing mission.
29 Apr. 2019 190429-italy-eurofighter.jpg - 190429-italy-eurofighter.jpg , 15.78KB

Italian jets to conduct NATO air policing over Romania

Four Italian Eurofighters are scheduled to deploy to Romania in early May, as part of NATO’s enhanced air policing mission. The jets will operate alongside the MiG-21s of their Romanian hosts. The air patrols will form an important part of the Alliance’s role to maintain security in the Black Sea region.

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