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21 Apr. 2021 210421-aircom.jpg, 8.56KB

NATO jets intercept Russian military aircraft

NATO fighter jets from bases in Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland on Tuesday (20 April 2021) scrambled to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea.
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NATO jets intercept Russian warplanes during unusual level of air activity

NATO fighter jets scrambled 10 times on Monday, March 29, 2021, to shadow Russian bombers and fighters during an unusual peak of flights over the North Atlantic, North Sea, Black Sea and Baltic Sea. In all, NATO aircraft intercepted six different groups of Russian military aircraft near Alliance airspace in less than six hours.
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NATO Allied ships, aircraft patrol the Black Sea

United States Navy destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea on Thursday (28 January 2021) to conduct routine maritime security operations and to train with Allies and partners in the region. Porter is the third US navy ship to enter the Black Sea in recent days, joining guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook and replenishment oiler USNS Laramie.
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Spain joins NATO air policing in Romania for the first time

Six Spanish Air Force Eurofighters arrived at Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base in Romania on Monday (25 January 2021) to take up two months of NATO air policing duty, patrolling and training alongside the Romanian Air Force. NATO’s enhanced air policing mission in Romania was established in 2014, demonstrating Allies’ commitment to deter any possible aggression. This is the first time that Spain has participated.
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NATO intercepts hundreds of Russian military jets in 2020

NATO air forces across Europe scrambled more than 400 times in 2020 to intercept unknown aircraft approaching Alliance airspace. Almost 90 percent of these missions - around 350 - were in response to flights by Russian military aircraft. This is a moderate increase from 2019. Russian military aircraft often do not transmit a transponder code indicating their position and altitude, do not file a flight plan, or do not communicate with air traffic controllers, posing a potential risk to civilian airliners.
28 Sep. 2020 200928-F16-airpolicing.jpg, 46.03KB

U.S. F-16 begin NATO air policing mission with Bulgarian air force

The United States Air Force will begin NATO air patrols over Bulgaria on September 28, 2020. The four-week long mission will involve the deployment of six F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft to Graf Ignatievo Air Base, Bulgaria, which will fly alongside Bulgarian fighter aircraft.
03 Sep. 2020 200903-canada-airpolicing1.jpg, 21.64KB

Canadian CF-188 jets start enhanced air policing mission in Romania

The Canadian Armed Forces Air Task Force–Romania will begin their enhanced Air Policing mission in Romania on Saturday, 5 September, after receiving their readiness certification from NATO at a ceremony held at the Romanian Air Force Base Mihail Kogalniceanu on 3 September.
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NATO maritime and air forces train in the Baltic Sea

Allied ships and aircraft conducted air-maritime integration training in the Baltic Sea on Thursday (13 August 2020). En route to a port visit in Riga, Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 vessels HMCS Toronto and NRP Corte Real conducted air defence training with Spanish F-18 and French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets participating in NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission. A NATO AWACS aircraft was on-site, providing surveillance of the ships' movements.
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NATO responds to Russian air activity over the Black Sea

Allied fighter jets from Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria scrambled to respond to unidentified air activity over the Black Sea on Tuesday (11 August 2020). The aircraft was visually identified as belonging to the Russian military, and the measures were conducted in a coordinated and professional manner. NATO remains vigilant 24/7 to safeguard the airspace of our Allies.
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Meet Flight Lieutenant Quentin, a French fighter pilot protecting the Baltic skies

Flight Lieutenant Quentin is a fighter pilot with the French Air Force. Operating out of Amari base in Estonia, he safeguards the airspace of the Baltic countries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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