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17 Apr. 2024 240417a-008.jpg - The Prime Ministers of Czechia, Denmark and the Netherlands visit NATO, 97.97KB

NATO Secretary General and the Prime Ministers of the Netherlands, Denmark and Czechia discuss support to Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, and the Prime Minister of Czechia, Petr Fiala, to NATO Headquarters on Wednesday (17 April 2024).
28 Mar. 2024 20240328-detachments-by-Alfredas-Pliadis2.jpg, 26.20KB

NATO and Lithuania mark 20 years of Baltic Air Policing

Senior civilian and military representatives from Lithuania, several Allies and NATO gathered at Šiauliai, Lithuania for a handover ceremony marking 20 years of Baltic Air Policing also marking 20 years of Lithuania's membership in NATO.
29 Dec. 2023 231229-intercepted-russian-military-aircraft.jpg, 11.24KB

NATO intercepted Russian military aircraft over 300 times in 2023

In 2023, NATO air forces across Europe scrambled well over 300 times to intercept Russian military aircraft approaching Alliance airspace, with most intercepts occurring over the Baltic Sea. NATO has standing air-policing missions that calls for Allied jets to scramble when there are signs of Russian military planes approaching Allied airspace in unpredictable ways.
29 Nov. 2023 231129-allied-jets.jpg, 53.12KB

Five Allies deploy jets to NATO’s eastern flank for air policing

Fighter jets from Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Türkiye will take up NATO air policing duties on the Alliance’s eastern flank starting in December. The long-scheduled deployments demonstrate NATO Allies’ commitment to support each other and strengthen the Alliance’s collective defence.
22 Sep. 2023 230922-air-policing.jpg, 31.05KB

US F-16 jets arrive in Romania for NATO air policing

Four U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets arrived at Fetesti Air Base in Romania on September 22, 2023 to further enhance NATO air policing in the Black Sea region.
04 Aug. 2023 230804-aircom.jpg, 59.49KB

Italy and Spain take lead of NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission

On Thursday (3 August 2023), the Portuguese and Romanian fighter jet detachments at Šiauliai, Lithuania and the UK Royal Air Force detachment at Ämari, Estonia ended their four-month rotation of Baltic Air Policing, handing the baton to incoming detachments of Eurofighters from Italy and Spain. NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission has helped to secure the skies over Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania since the three nations joined the Alliance in 2004.
17 Aug. 2022 220817-danish-air-force-f16.jpg, 15.97KB

Danish Air Force begins NATO air policing in Iceland

Danish F-16s will begin flying air policing sorties from Keflavik Air Base on Wednesday (17 August 2022), as part of NATO’s continuing mission to keep Icelandic airspace safe and secure.
29 Jul. 2022 220728-F942.jpg, 8.21KB

NATO air forces train over Romania

Fighter jets and surveillance aircraft from seven NATO countries held air-to-ground warfare drills over Romania on Thursday (28 July 2022).
20 Jul. 2022 20220617_BEL-SPA-EX-1.jpg, 21.21KB

Belgium wraps up NATO deployment in Baltic airspace

A detachment of four Belgian F-16 fighter aircraft is set to wrap up eight months of activities at the end of July, after their air policing deployment to Estonia was extended following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
29 Apr. 2022 f-18.jpg, 23.98KB

NATO jets scramble in response to Russian aircraft over Baltic and Black Seas

Allied fighter jets on NATO duty scrambled multiple times over the past four days to track and intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. All interactions occurred in a safe and routine manner.

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