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17 Aug. 2022 220817-danish-air-force-f16.jpg, 15.97KB

Danish Air Force begins NATO air policing in Iceland

Danish F-16s will begin flying air policing sorties from Keflavik Air Base on Wednesday (17 August 2022), as part of NATO’s continuing mission to keep Icelandic airspace safe and secure.
29 Jul. 2022 220728-F942.jpg, 8.21KB

NATO air forces train over Romania

Fighter jets and surveillance aircraft from seven NATO countries held air-to-ground warfare drills over Romania on Thursday (28 July 2022).
20 Jul. 2022 20220617_BEL-SPA-EX-1.jpg, 21.21KB

Belgium wraps up NATO deployment in Baltic airspace

A detachment of four Belgian F-16 fighter aircraft is set to wrap up eight months of activities at the end of July, after their air policing deployment to Estonia was extended following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
29 Apr. 2022 f-18.jpg, 23.98KB

NATO jets scramble in response to Russian aircraft over Baltic and Black Seas

Allied fighter jets on NATO duty scrambled multiple times over the past four days to track and intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea. All interactions occurred in a safe and routine manner.
25 Apr. 2022 220425-ac-italy-support.jpg, 52.62KB

Italy supports NATO Air Policing with F-35A deployment to Iceland

A detachment of modern F-35A fighter jets and personnel from the Italian Air Force is set to deploy to Iceland for two months to support NATO's Air Policing efforts in the High North.
14 Apr. 2022 20220411_finnish_F-18.jpg, 26.28KB

Allies practise air interoperability with Finland and Sweden

NATO Allies and partners Finland and Sweden, have had a week of intensive cooperation in the skies over Estonia in the just-concluded exercise Ramstein Alloy. The regular NATO exercise focused on real-world scenarios faced by NATO’s Air Policing personnel deployed in the Baltic region.
12 Apr. 2022 220406-nld-f-35-threeship-in-air-by-nld.jpg, 24.73KB

Netherlands and UK take up NATO air policing over Bulgaria and Romania

The Netherlands and United Kingdom took over NATO’s enhanced air policing over Black Sea Allies Bulgaria and Romania this week. UK Typhoons are replacing Italian Eurofighters in Romania, and US F-16 fighter jets continue to reinforce the Alliance's force posture in the country. In Bulgaria, Dutch F-35 fighter jets are taking over from Spanish Eurofighters. In recent years, a number of Allies have helped Bulgaria and Romania to ensure the safety of their airspace. In addition to keeping Allies safe, participation in this joint mission enhances the capability and interoperability of Allied air forces.
18 Jan. 2022 220118-airpolicing.jpg, 42.16KB

Denmark renews its contribution to NATO's Air Policing in the Baltic region

Denmark is preparing four of its F-16 fighter jets for a new deployment to Lithuania in support of NATO's enhanced Air Policing mission in the Baltic States.
28 Dec. 2021 211228-ita-ef-with-rus.jpg , 11.63KB

NATO jets scrambled hundreds of times in 2021 to guard Allied airspace

NATO fighter jets scrambled around 370 times across Europe in 2021, mostly to check aircraft flying unannounced near Allied air space. Around 80 percent of the missions, 290 in total, were in response to flights by Russian military aircraft.
10 Dec. 2021 211210-air-policing.jpg, 20.73KB

NATO Air policing protects North Macedonia’s airspace

A ceremony to mark the inclusion of the Republic of North Macedonia in the NATO Air Policing system was held on 9 December 2021 at Skopje airport. Two Hellenic Air Force F-16 jets executed a simulated intercept of a Republic of North Macedonia government Learjet. The Minister of Defence of the Republic North Macedonia, Mrs. Radmila Shekerinska Jankovska, NATO's representative, Lieutenant General De La Cruz, Commander of NATO's Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón, Spain, and the Chief of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force Lt. General Themistokles Bourolias, watched as the fighters escorted the Learjet to Skopje Airport and monitored it during a safe landing.

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