NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

8. Crisis Management

The Alliance has frequently acted to uphold international peace and security. In 1995, NATO helped to end the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and implemented the peace agreement. In 1999, NATO helped to stop mass killings and expulsions in Kosovo, and NATO troops continue to serve in Kosovo to this day under a United Nations mandate. Since 2003, NATO’s UN-mandated presence has helped to ensure Afghanistan will never again become a safe haven for terrorists. In 2011, NATO enforced a UN mandate to protect the people of Libya. NATO ships are fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia and are conducting counter-terrorism patrols in the Mediterranean. Since February 2016, NATO has provided support to assist with the growing refugee and migrant crisis in Europe. NATO ships are contributing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, supporting international efforts to stem illegal trafficking and illegal migration in the Aegean Sea. On several occasions, NATO forces have also delivered relief supplies, including to the United States after Hurricane Katrina and to Pakistan after the October 2005 earthquake.

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