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Developing New Capabilities
22 October 2002
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Key texts
Statement on Capabilities, Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers, Brussels, 6 June 2002
NATO's Strategic Concept, 24 April 1999
NATO's Defence Capabilities Initiative
NATO's European Security and Defence Identity
Defence and Security in an Uncertain World, NATO Secretary General,
18 May 2002
The Pursuit of Enhanced Defence Capabilities, Assistant NATO Secretary General for Defence Support, 24 January 2002
Closing the capabilities gap, James Appathurai
Attainable targets, Edgar Buckley
Investing in security, Lord Robertson
Hitting the Helsinki Headline Goal, General Rainer Schuwirth
Beyond Prague, Andrew Cottey, Timothy Edmunds and Anthony Forster

Meeting new security challenges

To meet the new security challenges it faces today, NATO has to ensure that its forces have the equipment, personnel, training and capabilities needed to successfully carry out all their tasks.

Proposed measures to increase the Alliance's operational capabilities will be submitted for approval by the Heads of State and Government at Prague.

Improving capabilities

In 1999, NATO launched a Defence Capabilities Initiative aimed at ensuring that the Alliance can meet the security challenges of the 21st century.

This programme has focused on improving Alliance capabilities in five key areas:

  • Mobility - getting forces to the crisis area quickly;
  • Sustainability - supporting forces in the field;
  • Effective engagement - ensuring that military forces are able to carry out their missions;
  • Survivability - protecting forces;
  • Command and control - enabling forces from different countries to work effectively together.

On 6 June 2002, NATO Defence Ministers announced the preparation of a new capabilities initatiative to be adopted by the Heads of State and Government at the Prague Summit.

Enhancing Europe's contribution

This initiative is being developed in parallel with the European Union's Capability Action Plan.

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