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Host Country
Academic and Research
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
Host Country
NATO Summit - Praha 2002
Présidence de la République française
Sommet de l'OTAN Prague
German Foreign Ministry
Policy Statement made by Federal Foreign Minister Fischer in the German Bundestag on 14 November 2002 on the NATO Summit
Latvian Foreign Ministry
Latvia in NATO
Netherlands Foreign Ministry
News monitor: The Netherlands seeks reaffirmation of the transatlantic partnership at NATO summit

Polish Foreign Ministry
“The Polish view on the role of NATO” - speech by Foreign Minister

Riga 2002: The Bridge to Prague
Summit of the NATO Aspirant Countries
United Kingdom House of Commons Defence Committee
The Future of NATO (PDF format)
United States White House
The President's Trip to the NATO Summit
United States Department of State
NATO in the 21st Century: The Road Ahead
Academic and Research
Center for Strategic and International Studies - Europe Programme
Columbia University - NATO Enlargement
European Security Forum - NATO Enlargement
RAND - The Future of NATO Enlargement (PDF format)
Woodrow Wilson International Centre - East European Studies
Radio Free Europe - NATO Enlargement
Romanian National News Agency - Romania towards NATO integration
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
The Atlantic Council of the United States - Program on Transatlantic Relations
Expand NATO
Joint Baltic American National Committee - NATO Enlargement
CEERN: Committee on Eastern Europe and Russia in NATO


NATO Headquarters
Blvd Leopold III
1110 Brussels, Belgium
NATO Homepage