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The Key to the Prague Summit

Press Kit

Complete press kit

New Challenges and New Threats
Operational Capabilities
The Enlargement Process
and Cooperation

NATO's Commitment
to the Balkans


Your key to the Summit

This comprehensive compilation of factual background information is designed to assist journalists and others interested in following the discussion and decisions taken on key areas of Alliance policy by NATO Heads of State and Government at this historic meeting.

The Prague Summit has been widely referred to as a meeting designed to take forward the further transformation of the Alliance.

This compilation covers the main topics relevant to the discussions that will take place:

  • new challenges and new threats;
  • operational capabilities;
  • the enlargement process;
  • partnership and cooperation, with sections on NATO and Russia, NATO and Ukraine, the NATO-EU strategic relationship, and the Mediterranean Dialogue;
  • and NATO's commitment to the Balkans.

Contents - Key Information, Quotations and Backgrounders

On each of these topics, readers of the compilation will find "Key Information", listing basic terms, facts, dates, documents, issues on the agenda and sources of further information.

The "Key Quotations" sections provide access to extracts from formal Alliance documents giving the context and background to each topic, as well as quotations from Alliance leaders and other political figures relating to each issue. Both sections show links to web sites where source documents and texts can be accessed electronically.

Each topic is also the subject of a "Backgrounder" offering a more detailed account of the evolution of decisions and the context in which decisions will be taken.

Getting copies

The electronic version of the "Key to the Prague Summit" can be downloaded by clicking on the links above.

Printed copies of the compilation will be provided to journalists on accreditation in Prague.

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