Ilir Meta

Head of State – Albania

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Ilir Meta, President of Albania

Personal data and professional education:

Ilir Meta was born in Skrapar, on 24 March 1969.
He graduated in Political Economy in the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, where he attended the postgraduate studies.

Political activity:

Ilir Meta began his political activity in 1990, as an active participant in the students’ movement. He was one of the founders of the Albanian Euro-socialist Youth Movement (FRESSH).

During his membership in FRESSH, Ilir Meta held senior management positions as Deputy Chairman in 1992-1995 and Chairman of this Forum in 1995-2001.

The political activity of Ilir Meta in the Socialist Party structures has been intensive.

He was elected member of the General Steering Committee at the June 1992 Congress and member of the Socialist Party Presidency from 1993 until July 2003, when he resigned.

During the period 1993-1996, Ilir Meta held the position of the Deputy Chairman of the Socialist Party and from 1994 to 1996 the position of the Secretary of International Relations.
During this period, the Socialist Party, due to the contribution of Ilir Meta, established relations with many European socialist parties, left and social democratic parties, as well as with the European Socialist Party and the Socialist International.  

During the period 1997-1998, Ilir Meta was elected Chairman of the Socialist Party of Tirana.

Ilir Meta, on 6 September 2004, founded a new political force in Albania, the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI).

In 2005 Ilir Meta was elected Chairman of LSI, implementing for the first time the “one member, one vote” principle.  

Ilir Meta was reconfirmed as Chairman of LSI in the elections held in October 2012 and in those held on 6 November 2016.

He has been State Secretary for European Integration in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March-October 1998 and then Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Governmental Coordination (October 1998-October 1999).

During November 1999-February 2002 he has been Prime Minister of Albania, reconfirmed also after the 2001 parliamentary elections.

During this period were achieved remarkable achievements and successes in the country’s governance, such as stabilization of macro-economic parameters, significant improvement of the country’s road network, successful privatization of some of the strategic sectors of the economy, establishment of order and law enforcement in the whole territory of the country, etc.

In February 2002, in order to avoid the crisis within the political and ruling majority, Ilir Meta resigned from the position of Prime Minister.

Ilir Meta was then elected Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affaits (July 2002-July 2003).

During September 2009-September 2010, Ilir Meta served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and later on as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy (September 2010-January 2011).
Since 1992 Ilir Meta is elected Member of Parliament in all legislatures of the Albanian Parliament.

In September 2013 Ilir Meta was elected Speaker of the Albanian Parliament, a position he held until 28 April 2017, when he was elected President of the Republic of Albania. 

Awards and others:

In 2003-2004, Ilir Meta was member of the International Commission on the Balkans, headed by the former Prime Minister of Italy, Giuliano Amato. This Commission prepared the important Report on the Future of the Balkans Region and paved the way for the independence of Kosovo.

Ilir Meta has been invited as lecturer in academic, political and diplomatic conferences and institutions both in Albania and abroad, such as in the Faculty of Economy in the University of Tirana, European Academy in Berlin, Harvard University, as well as several academies and universities in Europe and USA.

Ilir Meta was awarded the “The most positive personality in Foreign Policy for 2010” title (in March 2012) for his political activity, successful contribution in governance and his constructive role in the region. The title was awarded by the International Institute (IFIMES) in Lubjana, by the honorary President of this institution, the President of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic.

He was honored by several cities and regions of Albania with the title “Honorary Citizen”.

Ilir Meta speaks Albanian, English and Italian.

Ilir Meta is married to Monika Kryemadhi and they have three children, Bora, Besar and Era.