General Miguel Ángel Villarroya

Chief of Defence – Spain

  • Last updated: 29 Jan. 2020 13:58

General Miguel Ángel Villarroya Vilalta studied at the Spanish Air Force Academy and after a training period at the Matacán Air Transport School, was assigned to 31st Wing in April 1981.

He was promoted to Captain in July 1983, and to Major in July 1989, remaining in the 31st Wing.

In July 1996, he was assigned to the Headquarters of the Air Force Operations Command, where he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in November 1998.

In July 2000, he was assigned to the 45th Air Force Group, and appointed Commander of this Group in February 2005, promoting to Colonel in July of the same year.

In January 2011 he was promoted to Brigadier General and assigned to the Air Force Staff as Head of the General Secretariat.

In March 2012 he was appointed Deputy Director of the European Air Group (High Wycombe, United Kingdom) until June 2014 when he was promoted to Major General, and was assigned again as Head of the General Secretariat of the Air Force Staff.

In July 2015 he was designated Commander of the Canary Islands Air Command.

In April 2017 he was promoted to Lieutenant General and appointed Director of the Technical Cabinet of the Minister of Defence.

On 14th January 2020, he was appointed Chief of the Defence Staff, being promoted to the rank of Air General.

General Villarroya has over 9,800 flight hours as a pilot; he graduated from the Air Force Staff School and attended numerous national and foreign courses. He is fluent in English (SLP 4,4,4,4) and has been awarded with several national and foreign decorations. He is married and has two children and three grandchildren.