Radovan Javorčík

Permanent Representative – Slovakia

  • Last updated: 13 Apr. 2017 13:49

Radovan Javorčík has been appointed as Slovak Ambassador and Permanent Representative on the North Atlantic Council as of April 1, 2017.

After graduating from the Slovak Technical University (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) and Institute of International Relations at the Comenius University in Bratislava, he joined the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic in Press and later Foreign Policy Department. Since 1995 he is loyal to the Slovak Foreign Service.

At the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Afairs he held a position of Deputy Director of the Policy Planning Department. After posting at the Slovak Permanent Mission to NATO (1998-2002), he continued to work on NATO files as a team leader and later Deputy Director for Security Policy. He was part of a team preparing Slovakia’s accession to NATO, mainly in capacity of the Head of PRENAME (Preparation for NATO Membership Programme). His next posting at the Slovak Embassy in London (2005-2009) included duties of a Charge d‘Affaires a.i. (2005-2007). He then served as Director of Department for North America and Wider Middle East and again as Director for Security Policy . His most recent overseas duty was in Israel where he served as an Ambassador (2011-2015). He returned to Brussels in 2017 from Bratislava where he was in charge of the Cabinet of the Deputy Foreign Minister.

Mr. Javorčík is married to a fellow Slovak diplomat Michelle Joanne Javorčíková with whom they have two sons. He speaks fluent English, Czech, Russian and understands French and colloquial German and Spanish.