Deputies Committee

  • Last updated: 28 Mar. 2022 16:29

The Deputies Committee (DPRC) deals with cross-cutting issues ranging from strategic and political oversight of areas, such as changes in the international security situation and implications for NATO, to HR policy and committee reform. It also acts as “trouble-shooting committee” for those issues on which no consensus can be achieved in the competent committee. The DPRC reports directly to the North Atlantic Council.

As its name indicates, it is composed of the Deputy Permanent Representatives of each member country and is chaired, according to the topic under discussion, by the Assistant Secretary General of the relevant Division or his/her Deputy of NATO’s International Staff. The Deputies Committee is supported by the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division, which has overall coordinating responsibility of its activities.

It was created in 2010 in the framework of the NATO Committee Review, as a successor to the Senior Political Committee.