Opening remarks

by Mrs. Ekaterine Tkeshelashvili, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia at the Inaugural NATO-Georgia Commission (NGC) meeting with Invitees at the level of Foreign Ministers

  • 03 Dec. 2008 - 03 Dec. 2008
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Thank you, Secretary General.
It is a very historic time indeed to have the meeting of the type in which we're engaged now, in the frames of the NATO Georgia Commission. We all remember well in which context and when the Commission has been established, and it was not only a very significant, political support at that time for Georgia's territorial integrity and sovereignty that we've heard from this very organization at the time, but the very practical tool that has been devised in order to assist Georgia in a very difficult time to overcome challenges that we face and then to have substantial progress towards the membership in which determination of Georgia will be perhaps an important, a key factor. But at the same time it is very encouraging to see how much commitment rests from the side of the Alliance to assist Georgia and to enhance assistance in such a way that the tools that are already in existence are devised in such a manner that the process of transformation of Georgia becomes effective in such a way that we are getting closer to be fully in line with the standards that the membership entails of this organization.

So as the introductory remark perhaps of the decision of yesterday again with which the whole context for the future is well set up is that we do feel very firmly that we are much closer to the ultimate goal that we have which is the membership of this organization in the way how [inaudible] decisions had been reaffirmed and in the way how strengthening of existing mechanisms such as the Commission has been devised with which we feel that the process of change and transformation of our country can be well-assisted by NATO, and we commend the organization for this decision.