Joint press point

with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the President of Boeing International, Sir Michael Arthur

  • 27 Nov. 2019 -
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Good afternoon.

Today we are marking a major investment in NATO's fleet of AWACS surveillance aircraft.

Our 1 billion dollar contract with Boeing will modernise this aircraft, ensuring its service to 2035.

NATO AWACS have been our eyes in the sky, supporting our airborne operations for decades.

From patrolling American skies after 9/11, to our operations in Afghanistan, and as part of the Global Coalition against ISIS.

The modernisation will ensure NATO remains at the leading edge of technology.

It will provide AWACS with sophisticated new communications and networking capabilities.

So these aircraft can continue their vital mission and contribute to our security.


Sir Michael, I want to thank you for being here today.

Our contract with Boeing shows NATO's strong commitment to working with industry to keep our trans-Atlantic Alliance strong.

16 NATO Allies on both sides of the Atlantic are funding this modernisation.

And companies from Europe and North America are working together to provide high-tech capabilities.


NATO is an Alliance that continues to adapt.

So we are already thinking about the future of our surveillance and control capability.

We are planning the replacement of the AWACS in 2035.

Here again, NATO will work closely with industry.

We will consider how technologies – like artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and big data – can help NATO keep its edge.

As we begin to modernise our AWACS aircraft, the first of our new Alliance Ground Surveillance drones has arrived at its new home in Sigonella in Italy.

This will help NATO have the best possible intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

NATO is an important platform, where Allies can join forces and invest in new capabilities for our shared security.

We will continue to modernise and adapt our Alliance, both now and in the future.


Sir Michael,

Once again thank you for being here with us.

Your presence shows the strong trans-Atlantic ties and cooperation between NATO and industry.