Opening remarks

by NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller and Giorgi Gakharia, Prime Minister of Georgia at the NATO-Georgia Commission

  • 03 Oct. 2019 -
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(as delivered)

Prime Minister Gakharia,
On behalf of the North Atlantic Council, thank you for the warm welcome to this beautiful and legendary city of Batumi.
Our visit is a clear demonstration of NATO’s ongoing commitment to Georgia.
It is also an occasion to celebrate five years of the Substantial NATO-Georgia package – the cornerstone of our support to the reform of Georgia’s security and defense sectors, and to Georgia’s preparations for NATO membership.
Georgia is one of NATO’s closest operational partners.
And we deeply appreciate the contributions Georgia makes to Euro-Atlantic security.
Last year, NATO Leaders reconfirmed their 2008 Bucharest Summit decision that Georgia will become a member of NATO.
We continue to call on Russia to withdraw its troops from Georgia’s occupied regions. And to respect Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, within its internationally-recognized borders.
This visit is an opportunity to deepen and strengthen our cooperation with Georgia even further. And to ensure that the Black Sea remains a strong source of stability and security for all the region.
So, Prime Minister Gakharia, the floor is yours.

Thank you.
This concludes the public part of this meeting.
And I thank the media for being here. We will pause a moment before we continue.