Joint press point

by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe

  • 31 Oct. 2017 -
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(As delivered)

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe

Prime Minister Abe, it is a great honour to be with you in Tokyo today. Just three months since we last met at NATO Headquarters.

I would like to begin by congratulating you on your win in the recent elections. And thanking you for the warm welcome you have extended to me and my delegation.

Japan is NATO’s longest-standing partner outside Europe. We share values and we share challenges. So we are natural partners.

In the fight against terrorism, we have worked together for years to help stabilise Afghanistan. Japan’s substantial financial contributions to Afghanistan − including over one billion US dollars to Trust Funds − are deeply appreciated.

I also appreciate the close cooperation between NATO and Japan in many other areas.

On the world map, Tokyo and NATO Headquarters in Brussels might seem far apart. But common threats draw us close together.

Today we discussed the aggressive and illegal provocations of North Korea. And we agree that they pose a global threat. Which requires a global response.

North Korea’s ballistic and nuclear tests are an affront to the United Nations Security Council. They are a threat to international peace and security. And they pose a clear and present danger to NATO partners here in the region.

North Korea must abandon its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. And implement the complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

Prime Minister Abe and I agreed that strong international pressure is required to induce Pyongyang to take the responsible path. In order to find a peaceful solution.

All members of the United Nations must implement sanctions on North Korea thoroughly and transparently.

Prime Minister Abe and I also agreed we should deepen our cooperation in other areas. And we agreed to develop a new programme of cooperation. Including on cyber defence, maritime security, nuclear non-proliferation, and fighting terrorism.

In a world of complex and evolving threats, no one country or organisation can afford to stand alone.

So NATO deeply values Japan’s contributions to international peace. And Japan will always have a strong partner and friend in NATO.

Prime Minister Abe, thank you again for your warm welcome and for the excellent cooperation between Japan and NATO.