by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the dedication of the Berlin Wall Memorial

  • 25 May. 2017 -
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Your Majesty,
Heads of State and Government,

Welcome to Brussels.

We will begin our meeting with the dedication of two memorials. Our gathering today is an opportunity to chart our shared future. And to remember our shared past.

The Berlin Wall is a symbol of that past. It was built to divide Europe. To keep people in, and ideas out. In the face of division, NATO Allies stood united. In defence of freedom, democracy and human dignity. In 1989, the wall was brought down. By peaceful protests. By popular movements such as Solidarność. And the bravery of countless men and women across Central and Eastern Europe. Each day, all those who will enter this building will pass this memorial. They will understand that freedom will never be defeated. And that NATO will always defend the values on which our Alliance is founded.
Chancellor Merkel, you were in Berlin the very night when the Wall came down.

And therefore it’s a great honour to welcome you here to Brussels, to the new NATO Headquarters and the floor is yours.