Press statement

by the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Petr Pavel at the joint press point with the Chief of Defence of Croatia

  • 17 Sep. 2016 -
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  • Last updated: 17 Sep. 2016 22:15

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming tonight.

I will now outline for you the outcomes of the MC Conference 2016.

Today’s meeting was an opportunity to bring together the Chiefs of Defence of Allied Countries, the two Strategic Commanders and invitee Montenegro to deliberate on the implementation of the decisions made by Heads of State and Government in the NATO Summit in Warsaw this July.

Since the Wales Summit in 2014, NATO has been adapting, institutionally, politically and militarily to reflect of a dynamic security environment and range of challenges emanating from state and non-state actors. The Alliance needs to have the right capabilities, forces and resources to deter and defend against any threat and counter all contingencies.

Much has already been achieved but further or rather continuous adaptation is necessary.

We began today by paying tribute to all the soldiers who are part of NATO Operations, Missions and Activities around the world. Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors play crucial part in contributing to peace and security and they deserve to be remembered their sacrifices and courage.

In this morning’s sessions we reviewed the whole spectrum of military adaptation since Wales Summit and in light of the recent decisions made in Warsaw.  The Chiefs of Defence emphasized the importance of coherence between short and long term adaptation measures solidarity amongst Allies and cooperation with international organizations as more and more regional security challenges have global implications.

In this afternoon’s meetings, discussions focused on NATO-led Operations, Missions and Activities. To protect our territory and populations, we must also project stability beyond our borders.

We began by reviewing Resolute Support mission, our largest operational engagement in Afghanistan, to train, assist and advise Afghan Defence Forces which will be extended beyond 2016. The Chiefs of Defence welcomed the announcement that Nations will contribute to its funding through 2020 and stressed the need for it to remain conditions based and flexible.  We also highlighted the success of our KFOR mission which contributes to a safe and secure environment in the region and that we remain fully committed to the stability and security of the Western Balkans

Today’s meeting has allowed for a frank and fruitful exchange of views that will enable us to better translate political guidance and taskings into military strategy.

In conclusion, let me thank General Šundov for hosting the Military Committee Conference in Croatia. We see Croatia as a committed Ally and we are grateful for the contributions you make to our shared security. We have really appreciated the generosity of your people and the chance to discover  the beautiful city of Spilt. Thank you for your hospitality and I will now pass the floor to you.