Press statement

by General Mirko Šundov, Chief of Defence of Croatia at the joint press point with the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

  • 17 Sep. 2016 -
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  • Last updated: 17 Sep. 2016 22:22

Thank you, Colonel!

Distinguished representatives of the media!

Thank you all for showing interest and coming to this press conference.

This is the first time that the Republic of Croatia is hosting the Military Committee Conference.

The City of Split, our beautiful Flower of the Mediterranean, has once more demonstrated its outstanding hospitality and openness, doing everything to make all the Conference participants feel comfortable and at home.

When you are spending your time in this heaven on earth, it is easy to forget numerous types of threats and risks reigning in other parts of the world.

And they are in no way innocuous.

Terrorism, as the greatest danger to the world security and stability, as well as other threats created by state and non-state subjects, are endangering the world peace and economic development of all the nations of the world.

NATO nations, Croatia included, are united in their stand that the fight against terrorism must continue.

Our soldiers have participated and will continue to participate in that fight.

That is the only way to increase the security of our citizens to a higher level and at the same time avoid any consequences that terrorist acts and other security threats may cause, for example big migration of population, mostly refugees and exilees, as well as emerging of new conflicts among states and new instabilities directly influencing the standard of life of our citizens.

I dare say that by acting at the very source of instability we increase security and stability in our countries as well as in the world as a whole.

The Republic of Croatia will continue to be dedicated to our joint fight against all architects of instability in the world and stand together with our Allies and partners.

Proof of this is the fact that we are currently engaged in six operations and peace support missions, two of them led by NATO, but we are also preparing for the participation of the maneuver company in Lithuania.

This clearly shows that we are ready to give not only verbal but also active support to one of the fundamental NATO principles: that attacking one ally means attacking all Alliance members.

The Republic of Croatia has always been and will remain committed to the principles of solidarity and unity of the Alliance and a steadfast member of NATO.

We will never tire in our efforts and contributions to the stability and security.

Distinguished media representatives, I would like to express once again my appreciation of your interest in the NATO Military Committee Conference.

Thank you very much!