by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the NATO Multinational Division Southeast Headquarters

  • 12 May. 2016 -
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Joint statements by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Mihnea Motoc (Minister of Defence of Romania) and Lazar Comanescu (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania) at the Multinational Headquarters South-East

Ladies and gentlemen,

Europe’s security environment is more challenging than it has been for decades.

With violence and instability across North Africa and the Middle East,

And an assertive Russia, responsible for aggressive actions in Ukraine.

But NATO is responding.

We have implemented the largest increase in our collective defense since the Cold War.

And we will continue to do what it takes to keep our people safe.

This headquarters is an important part of that effort.

It will be a hub for regional cooperation and for exercises, such as ‘Dacian Lynx’, which is running this week.

It gives our military commanders a valuable option for commanding NATO forces across South Eastern Europe.

Including, if needed, during Article 5 operations.

It will help to improve our interoperability.

And, led by Romanian forces, it will increase our readiness not only in the south east, but across all of the Alliance.

When Allies first called upon Romania to provide this headquarters, we asked for it to be fully deployable by 2022.

Instead, it will meet that goal by 2018, fully four years ahead of schedule.

This is yet another demonstration of Romania’s unwavering commitment to boosting the strength of our Alliance.

So let me pay tribute to Romania’s armed forces.

The men and women who make this possible, with commitment and professionalism.

I thank you all.