by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the UN Peacekeeping Summit in New York

  • 28 Sep. 2015 -
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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivering his remarks at the UN Peacekeeping Summit hosted by the President of the United States

Mr President, Mr Secretary General, distinguished co-hosts.

I am honoured to represent the North Atlantic Alliance here at this important gathering.

Together, NATO and the UN conduct operations side-by-side. And we are stepping up our political dialogue and practical cooperation.

But I believe we can, and must, do even more.

Mr Secretary General, we have carefully studied your recommendations on the future of Peace Operations, and we stand ready to enhance our support to the UN.

I believe we could focus on the following areas:

First, enhancing support for the protection of UN forces, particularly in the area of Counter Improvised Explosive Devices.

These devices were a major cause of NATO casualties in Afghanistan. And UN personnel are, sadly, increasingly the target of attack.

Last year, improvised explosive devices were the number one killer of UN troops in Mali, the most dangerous of all UN operations.

This is an area where NATO expertise can help save UN lives.

Second, enhancing support in the area of training and preparedness. NATO can open further training, education and exercise opportunities to the UN. And this can include troop-contributing countries, where possible.

Third, we are also ready to help the UN improve its ability to get into the field as fast as possible. Rapid deployment offers a better chance to avert a larger conflict. It can also prevent a larger loss of life.

And we are ready to consider doing even more, including targeted support to address specific operational needs, for example strategic airlift.

Finally, we are prepared to work more closely on capacity building in countries at risk, both with the United Nations, and also with the European Union.

Together, I believe these elements will contribute to making UN peace operations more effective. And to making UN troops faster, better trained, and better protected.

Thank you.