Statement on the Gulf

  • 17 Dec. 1990
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  • Press Release (1990)075 075
  • Issued on 17 Dec. 1990
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  • Last updated: 04 Nov. 2008 21:47

1. Iraq's invasion and brutal occupation of Kuwait represent a flagrant violation of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and pose a fundamental challenge to international order. We condemn Iraq's persistent contempt for the Resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, which reflect the overwhelming solidarity and commitment of the international community. Iraq's behaviour threatens peace. It jeopardizes the unprecedented opportunity for the United Nations to realise the original vision of its role in promoting global peace and stability.

2. The responsibility now lies with the government of Iraq to ensure peace by complying fully with the mandatory United Nations decisions. Iraq has at last released the foreign citizens whom it had, Illegally, detained as hostages. However, complete Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait and the restoration of the sovereignty and legitimate government of Kuwait are unequivocal conditions for a peaceful solution. There can be no partial solutions.

3. We firmly support Resolution 678 and all other relavent Resolutions adopted by the Security Council and reiterate our hope that their implementation can be achieved by peaceful means. We are confident that a contact between the Presidency of the European Community and the Foreign Minister of Iraq, among other innititatives can make a contributionto this purpose. We also encourage action by the UN Secretary General to this end. In particular, we support efforts for a dialogue, such as those made by President Bush, to provideIraq through direct high-level contacts, with the clearest possible understanding of the consequences of further postponing the fulfilment of its obligations. We agree that Iraq must not use these inititatives to delay meeting the January, 15th date established by the United Nations.

4. Security Council Resolution 678 has authorised the use of all necessary means if Iraq does not comply before that date, and has expressly called on all governments to provide appropriate support in implementing the Resolutions adopted by the Security Council. Our countries will continue to respond positively to this United Nations request. Each of us, to the best of our ability, undertakes to provide further support for this continuing effort, in line with evolving requirements. Furthermore, each of us will continue to maintain and enforce the economic sanctions and to provide financial assistance to those countries most directly affected.

5. We note that the crisis in the Gulf poses a potential threat to one of our Allies having common borders with Iraq, and we reaffirm our; determination to fulfil the commitments stipulated in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty whereby an armed attack against one of our states shall be considered an attack against them all. We reiterate our firm commitment to the security of the entire southern Region, the strategic importance of which is highlighted by this crisis.