Oana Lungescu - Why is transparency so important to NATO?

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  • 12 Jul. 2019 -
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  • Last updated: 12 Jul. 2019 09:27

NATO’s Spokesperson explains why it is vital for an organisation funded by taxpayers’ money to be transparent.

NATO Experts | Why is transparency so important to NATO?

NATO is an alliance of democracies, where all decisions are taken by consensus among the 29 member countries. It is fundamental for citizens to understand how their money is spent and what decisions the Allies take together. Transparency does not always come easy for an organisation that deals with defence and security. Documents and discussions often contain sensitive information and, even when this is not the case, they can be difficult to understand because of all the military terminology used. This is why it is essential for NATO to be transparent in what it does and clear in what it communicates to the public.