Frequently Asked Questions

NATO Summit Wales 2014

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1. When is the Summit?

Summit meetings are scheduled to start formally around midday on 4 September and last until the afternoon of 5 September 2014.

2. When should I arrive?

The Media Centre opens at 12.00 noon on 3 September.
Sufficient time should be factored in for media representatives to go through accreditation and security procedures, and install any equipment.
Please note that organizers may arrange visit opportunities for the media on 3 September in the afternoon. Additionally, summit-related public diplomacy events may take place on the margins in the morning of 4 September. Additional details will be provided closer to the date of the Summit.

3. When will the last events take place?

The last meeting should conclude in the afternoon of 5 September, followed by a press conference held by the Secretary General. National delegations may also choose to hold press conferences in the media centre afterwards. The media centre will close late on 5 September. Media wishing to pick up bulky equipment on 6 September will need to make arrangements in advance.


4. How do I accredit?

Accreditation is explained in a media advisory found here: To complete your accreditation please upload all relevant documentation before submitting. You will require:

  • a letter from your editor
  • a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport or national ID card
  • a passport photograph (see specific requirements below)
  • The photo must be in colour, with a plain background - white or light blue are recommended
  • Must be jpeg file format and sized between 50KB and 100KB
  • Photos must show a full front view of the face, with both sides of the face showing clearly 
  • The face and shoulders must be centred in the photo and squared to the camera
  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible (prescription glasses may be worn)
  • Photos must be taken with even lighting and should not show shadows or flash reflection on the face

5. What is the deadline for accreditation?

The deadline for accreditation is 4 August at noon Brussels time.

6. I am encountering problems with accreditation. Where can I get help?

If you are resident in the United Kingdom, please email :

If you are not resident in the United Kingdom, then please email:

7. I am unable to upload a photo/passport/letter what should I do?

If you are resident in the United Kingdom, please email :

If you are not resident in the United Kingdom, then please email:

8. I am a freelancer and do not have an Editor. How can I accredit?

Where possible, please upload a letter from your organisation or the company that you are writing for.  If you do not have this, please provide a supporting letter, stating clearly your intentions of what you would like to cover at the Summit. Additionally, please write a short email to explain your situation to if you are resident in the UK and to if you are not resident in the UK.

9. When will I find out if I have been accredited?

Media accreditation will be confirmed within three weeks of your application.

10. Is it possible to request accreditation after the deadline?

We will consider these on a case by case basis, but NATO cannot guarantee that any requests that come in after the deadline will be approved...

11. Can I turn up without accreditation?

No. Media representatives need to request accreditation and receive confirmation before seeking to enter the Media centre; accreditation requests are made online, by the deadline. Information is available on the NATO website:

12. Can I request accreditation on behalf of other people?

Accreditation has to be made on line by the person concerned.

13. Can someone pick up accreditation on my behalf?

Access passes need to be picked up in person at the NATO Summit accreditation office. Individuals will need to provide photo ID on collection of their passes. In certain cases, delegations may be able to retrieve passes on behalf of media travelling with them.

14. I need a visa to cover the Summit, can you help me?

All media who require visas should apply in good time.   Further details are available on the UK Border Agency Website

15. How can I book a hotel room if I don’t know whether my accreditation request will be accepted?

Accreditation will be confirmed via an email within three weeks of the request being introduced.  It is at your own risk if you choose to book accommodation prior to accreditation being confirmed.  Media hotels can be booked through via a link on the UK Government NATO Summit webpages:  

16. Is there a fee associated with accreditation?

Accreditation is free. Workspace totaling 900 seats with internet and power is free on a first come first served basis. Additional services are available for a price according to a rate card you can find here:

17. Can I attend the Summit as a journalist from an non-Allied country or if my country is not represented at the Summit?

Journalists from every country are welcome to request accreditation and will be treated the same way as journalists from Allied countries.

18. When can I begin installing equipment on site for my television crew?

Television networks intending to bring heavy equipment to the media centre are requested to do so in the afternoon of 3 September 2014.


19. What is included in my accreditation status?

Accredited media will have access to the onsite Media Centre where there will be a large working area with 900 workspaces with access to power supply, wi-fi, printers and faxes. A limited number of workspaces will be supplied with a host broadcast live feed on a first come first served basis.  There will be screens around the Media Centre displaying the latest host broadcast feed from the Summit.    At cost, there will also be a stand-up facility, Edit and Radio Booths.  Please see the rate card for further information and details on how to register interest for these:

20. Where can I find a cameraman for hire, I came alone and was told things could be arranged on site?

The NATO and UK organizers are not providing this service, but you may call AP, EBU or other production houses who may have resources on site.

21. What kind of internet connection will be available?

There will be a shared 1Gb internet across the Media Centre. Every workspace will have an internet drop to the shared connection. The hosts will not be providing individual lines or allocating outlets a percentage of speed.

22. Is there a central phone number for the Media Centre?

The answer to this question is still under review.


23. How can I get the footage if I am unable to attend the Summit?

The Host Broadcaster will make footage available via the BT tower in London. Additionally, NATO will push all working media events in broadcast quality on satellites worldwide. Schedule and satellite information will be made available closer to the Summit via a dedicated broadcasters’ media advisory and the NATO Channel.

24. What languages will be available?

Event retransmission usually includes original sound, English and French. On occasion, additional languages can be added depending on the event. This will very much depend on the programme.

25. Can I follow the Summit live on the web?

NATO will webstream most media events on the official programme, on the NATO website. NATO will not webstream most discrete delegation events, like the press conferences of Heads of States. The main exception to this will likely be the press conferences held by Delegations in the media centre’s largest press theatre.

26. What is the authorized use of NATO material in terms of copyrights?

The copyright policy for the external use of NATO content is found here .

27. How do I get in touch with NATO if I have a question on media logistics ?

Media queries are best handled on line at this address:

28. How do I get in touch with the UK organizers if I have a question on media logistics?

Media queries are best handled on line at this address:


29. Can I drive up to the Media Centre?

The Media Centre will only be accessible via official media shuttle buses. There will be regular shuttles between pick up points near the designated media hotels in Newport and Cardiff and the Media Centre.  We will provide more details closer to the date of the Summit.

30. Can I park my satellite truck on site?

There is a limited amount of parking available for satellite trucks, please register your interest using the Media Services Rate Card site if you are considering bringing a satellite truck:

31. Will there be a Park and Ride?

We will confirm details of the Park and Ride closer to the time of the Summit. There will be shuttles from the Park and Ride to the entry point to the Summit where media will go through accreditation and security procedures

32. Can I order a cab from the Media Centre?

No. Only designated shuttle buses will be able to access the Media Centre.


33. Will catering be provided?

Tea, Coffee and Water will be available free of charge through the Summit.

Food will be available onsite to purchase with food vouchers (2 course hot meals and grab bags comprising sandwiches, crisp, sweet snack and a drink).  Vouchers can be purchased before the Summit via the rate card or onsite during the Summit. Vouchers purchased before 31 July 2014 will be subject to a 10% discount.


34. Where can I book a hotel?

Rooms are available at a number of hotels in Newport and the surrounding area that have been held by the UK Government for advance bookings at competitive rates for media who plan to attend the Summit. Visit the media accommodation website to view details on this accommodation and to make a booking.


35. How many Allies are in NATO?

The North Atlantic Alliance counts 28 allies. More information on NATO can be found here:

36. Which Partners of the Alliance are invited at this summit?

The programme is still under discussion. The programme is discussed and decided by the North Atlantic Council.

37. Will Russia be at the Summit?

The programme is still under discussion. The programme is discussed and decided by the North Atlantic Council.

38. I might come but only if the enlargement decisions are made… What are the odds?

Ministers of Foreign Affairs took important decisions at their meeting of 24-25 June, including on open door policy. You can find more information here:

39. How can I get informed about NATO news? Is there an email system?

You can register to receive press releases via email from NATO by visiting the NATO website, The newsroom tab at the top of the homepage includes a drop down menu with an option to receive press releases via email.

40. I have a question on substance, who can I ask?

You can contact the NATO press office on +32 27 07 5035 or You can also contact the No. 10 Press Office in the UK on +44 207 930 4433. Press Officers from both NATO and the UK will be on site during the Summit and ready to answer questions.


41. I want to interview a head of delegation. Can you help?

Such requests are best directed to the delegation concerned. The NATO Switchboard is +32.2.707.4111.

42. I want to interview the Secretary General, can you help?

You can introduce a request to interview the Secretary General of NATO at this address: