Major General Lampros Nousis

Military Representative – Greece

  • Last updated: 06 Aug. 2010 15:18
Lampros Nousis, Military Representative for Greece

Major General Lampros Nousis was born in October 1954 (Parga-Greece).

He was admitted to the Air Force Academy in 1973 and graduated as Second Lieutenant in 1977.He joined the Hellenic Tactical Air Force Command and served in different fighter squadrons with various types of aircraft, such as F-5A, F-104G, RF-4E and the Air Training Command as an instructor pilot in the Air Force Academy. Additionally, he is a certified flight instructor in gliders. He has experienced more than 4000 flight hours.

He successfully attended the schools of general education for pilots in Greece, as well as the Squadron Officers School (SOS) in the USA(1988). In 1989, he graduated from the Air Force War College for Senior Officers.

He has served in several commanding and staff positions, among which, more significant were : 110 CW, 111 CW (ops branch), Hellenic Tactical Air Force Headquarters (TACEVAL branch –NATO/EU relations and operations directorate), Air Force General Staff (NATO/EU Policy, multinational operations and international relations), 4th Army Corp Joint Headquarters (ops branch), Greek Delegation to NATO HQ and Ministry of Defence. In June 2010 he was assigned as MILREP to the Military Committee of NATO.

More specifically, his tour of duty as member of Greek Delegation to NATO HQ, started from 1995 to 1997 and continued from 2001 to 2004. During those two periods he has been national representative or member in numerous committees and ad hoc working groups, such as : Air Defence Committee (ADREP-PADREP), Nuclear Policy Committee ( NPG/SG), Crisis Management and exercise Committee (COEC), Defence Group on Proliferation (DGP), Defence Review Committee (DRC) and Executive Working Group (R) (EWG/R).

Major General L. Nousis is married to Eftychia (Efi) Nousis, who is a teacher in Hellenic literature. They have two children, OLGA (Hellenic Police personnel-university degree in International and European relations) and IOANNIS (student in AegeanUniversity, system and product designer).