• Last updated: 30 Nov. 2023 12:36

NATO Launches Call for Public Diplomacy Grant Projects in 2024

NATO Public Diplomacy Division's Co-Sponsorship Grants


Do you have an idea for a NATO-related project reaching out to audiences across the Alliance, partner countries and global audiences? The NATO Public Diplomacy Division looks forward to receiving grant applications ranging from out-of-the box, non-traditional ideas to more institutional formats

PDD contributes to a variety of people-to-people and digital programmes in NATO and partner countries. It works actively to strengthen the Alliance’s public image, promoting understanding, trust in and support for the Alliance. This support is provided through discretionary grants to non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), universities, think tanks, and other pertinent civil society organisations in member and selected partner countries.

The 2024 applications should focus on the following thematic clusters:

  • All for one, One for all for 75 years: NATO’s 75th Anniversary 
  • National journeys: commemorating individual countries’ Membership Anniversaries
  • Support NATO efforts to address the growing threat of foreign information manipulation and interference
  • Support NATO’s efforts to promote partnerships and global security cooperation

Particular focus should be placed on outreach to youth audiences, female audiences and key opinion formers, including those who have not connected with NATO before.

NATO is particularly interested in projects that can be rolled out throughout 2024, NATO’s 75th anniversary year, which combine a range of activities, engage in meaningful dialogue and generate lasting connections, understanding and trust.

If you are interested in competing for a grant, please apply according to the following instructions:

For projects taking place in 2024, please submit your applications using the forms on this page by 22 January 2024.  Projects must be completed by 31 December 2024. 

For content, please see the Content Guidelines.  

For further details on NATO PDD financial rules and how to apply, please read the Application Guidelines and Financial and Reporting Procedures carefully.

Decisions on whether to support a project, as well as the level of sponsorship awarded, are made at the discretion of NATO authorities.
Send your application, along with all the necessary supporting documentation, by email to our generic mailbox:
Projects originating in Ukraine should be sent to: