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The sensitive issue of Germany and its capital, Berlin, continues to divide East and West. A Four-Power conference in Berlin early in 1954 fails to find a formula for reunification. In October, nearly ten years after the cessation of hostilities, and with no early prospect of agreement with the USSR on a final peace settlement, the NATO allies regularise their relations with the Federal Republic.

Under the terms of the Paris Agreements, the three Western powers agree to terminate the occupation regime and recognise the Federal Republic as a sovereign state. The Federal Republic of Germany and Italy accede to the Brussels Treaty, and Western Union becomes Western European Union (WEU). The Federal Republic of Germany is invited to join NATO. It does so on 5 May 1955.


25 Jan./18 Feb.

Abortive Four-Power Conference in Berlin on German reunification.

7 May

The United Kingdom and the United States reject the USSRs bid to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

17-18 June

Meeting at The Hague of the Constituent Conference of the Atlantic Treaty Association sponsored by the International Atlantic Committee.

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29 Aug

The French National Assembly decides against ratification of the Treaty setting up the European Defence Community (EDC).

6 Sept

Opening of Manila Conference which culminates in the signing of the treaties setting up SEATO (South-East Asia Treaty Organisation).

28 Sept.-3 Oct.

Meeting in London of the Conference of Nine to seek an alternative to the EDC. (Participating countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States).

22-23 Oct

Signature of the Paris Agreements. The Federal Republic of Germany is invited to join NATO, and Italy and the Federal Republic of Germany accede to the Western European Union (WEU).

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