Updated: 07-Aug-2003 July 2003

2 July 2003
Russian troops leave KFOR
A ceremony held in Pristina, Kosovo, on 2 July marked the withdrawal of the Russian military contingent from the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo after four years of service.
2 July 2003
Discussing armed forces reform in Russia
A conference held in Moscow on 2 July brought together experts from NATO and Russia to discuss the prospects and strategies for reform of the Russian armed forces.
4 July 2003
Lord Robertson visits Italy
NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson traveled to Rome on 4 July to hold consultations with Italy's leaders at the outset of the Italian Presidency of the European Union.
5 July 2003
Education conference in Albania
Educational experts discussed ways of introducing Euro-Atlantic values and concepts into the Albanian education system at an international conference held in Tirana on 5 July.
7 July 2003
The use of military force in conflict resolution
The evolution of the character of international law in theory and practice was at the heart of discussions at an international conference in Moscow, 7 July.
9-11 July 2003
NATO Secretary General visits Central Asia
Lord Robertson traveled to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan from 9 to 11 July for talks with top officials on increasing cooperation with the two Central Asian states.
12 July 2003
Preparations for Afghanistan continue
On 12 July 2003, over 50 NATO troops arrived in Kabul as part of the continuing preparations for the Alliance’s takeover on 11 August of the peacekeeping force in Afghanistan.
15 July 2003
KFOR confiscates illegal weapons
Fifteen rifles and pistols, 21 rockets and anti tank weapons, 41 miscellaneous items and 406 rounds of ammunition were seized by NATO-led peacekeeping troops in Kosovo (KFOR), in conjunction with the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo Police and the Kosovo Police Service.
16 July 2003
Afghan Foreign Minister visits NATO
The Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, paid a historic visit to Alliance Headquarters to brief NATO Ambassadors and for talks with Secretary General Lord Robertson.
16 July 2003
NATO supports Summer schools
A series of NATO-sponsored Summer schools are being held in Partner countries at the moment, focusing on issues such as the changing security agenda in Northern Europe and regional aspects of the history of the Cold War.
16 July 2003
More munitions and weapons destroyed in Bosnia
The past several weeks have been a big success for "Operation Harvest" in Bosnia and Herzegovina where NATO-led troops have gathered grenades, rifles, pistols, mines and munitions in the north of the country.
16 July 2003
Response force buildup on target
The first force generation conference for the new NATO Response Force was held on 16 July at NATO’s European military headquarters in Belgium, marking a milestone in the creation of the force.
16 July 2003
NATO support to EU operation extended
The North Atlantic Council agreed today to extend the availability of NATO assets to the European Union’s Operation Concordia in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1 until 15 December 2003.
17 July 2003
North Atlantic Council visits Albania
NATO Ambassadors and Secretary General Lord Robertson visited Tirana from 16 to 17 July for two-day talks on Albania’s efforts to join NATO and defence reform.
18 July 2003
Conference examines prospects for transatlantic defence cooperation
Key issues affecting cooperation between transatlantic defence industries were explored by government and industry leaders at a high-level conference in Brussels on 18 July.
22 July 2003
Serbia and Montenegro officials visit NATO
The President and Foreign Minister of Serbia and Montenegro met with Secretary General Lord Robertson at NATO on 22 July to discuss their country’s bid to join NATO’s partnership programme.
23 July 2003
UN Afghanistan envoy briefs NATO Council
In a briefing to NATO Ambassadors on 23 July, the United Nations Special Envoy for Afghanistan, Dr Lakhdar Brahimi, said that there are grounds for optimism regarding the country’s future.
23 July 2003
Visit of senior politician from former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1
Ali Ahmeti, leader of one of the major parties in the Macedonian government coalition, met for talks with Lord Robertson at NATO on 23 July.
23 July 2003
Greece and Turkey agree confidence-building measures
NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson announced on 23 July that the talks he has held with the Permanent Representatives of Greece and Turkey have led to two further confidence-building measures agreements, following an earlier one on mutual notification of exercise schedules.
23 July 2003
NATO-Russia Council calls for strengthened defence reform in Bosnia
Russia and NATO member countries have jointly called on the Bosnian authorities to take responsibility for their own affairs and, in particular, to strengthen efforts to reform the armed forces and to create an effective state-level, democratic, civilian command and control structure.
24 July 2003
ATA Education conference in Bucharest
The Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) organised its first Education conference in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, from 24 to 27 July.
25 July 2003
NATO releases report on Krivenik incident
In a report released today, NATO presented its findings on the 2001 mortar attack on Krivenik, Kosovo, in which three civilians, including one Associated Press journalist, were killed.
25 July 2003
Chairman of NATO Military Committee addresses CIOR

General Kujat, NATO Chairman of the Military Committee, met with the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) during their 56th Summer Congress in Maastricht, Netherlands 25 July.

28 July 2003
Secretary General visits Iceland and the UN

NATO Secretary General travelled to Iceland on 28 July for a farewell visit and then on to New York to take part in a United Nations meeting of regional organisations on 29 July.

29 July 2003
EU and NATO agree concerted approach for the Western Balkans

The EU and NATO have agreed on a concerted approach on security and stability in the Western Balkans. The EU and NATO partnership has been key to bringing an end to conflict and stabilising the region.

31 July 2003
NATO to assist in arms destruction in Albania

A NATO project to safely destroy 11.6 thousand tons of small arms and light weapons (SALW) ammunition in Albania has been officially launched on 31 July.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.