Updated: 16-Jul-2003 July 2003

16 July 2003


NATO supports Summer schools

A series of NATO-sponsored Summer schools are being held in Partner countries at the moment, focusing on issues such as the changing security agenda in Northern Europe and regional aspects of the history of the Cold War.

NATO supports these Summer schools every year, which bring together students, academics, government officials and representatives from various non-governmental organisations to discuss NATO-related issues and get a better understanding of the global security environment.

A number of these activities have already taken place, for instance the Summer school on "Leaders in the 21st century" in Baku, Azerbaijan from 7 to 12 July; "NATO, Russia and the contours of European Security Architecture", 7-11 July; Changing the security agenda in northern Europe, in Petrozavodsk, Russia, 8-14 July; and "Brave New Europe 2003: at the crossroads" in Slovenia from 2 to 12 July. Others, such as one in Latvia and another in Ukraine and Russia are expected to be held late summer.