Updated: 30-Jul-2003 July 2003

25 July 2003

Chairman of NATO Military Committee
addresses CIOR

The Use of Reservists within NATO - Remarks by General Harald Kujat
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Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR)
General Kujat, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, met with the Inter-allied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) during their 56th Summer Congress in Maastricht, Netherlands 25 July.

Addressing a combined audience of the CIOR, the Interallied Confederation of Medical Reserves (CIOMR), and the National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC), General Kujat spoke about the use of the Reservist within NATO. He said that in meeting future challenges, Reserves constitute one of the great strengths of NATO. By integrating the specialised skills and experience of Reservists, member nations maximise the operational effectiveness of their respective armed forces.

The Chairman emphasised the role of the Reserves in support of the NATO concept for defence against terrorism, the NATO response force, and operations and policies. NATO guidance encourages countries to maximise the training, readiness, and availability of Reserves for engagement in NATO military operations. Also attending the Congress were Partnership for Peace delegations from Albania, Moldova and from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1.

CIOR represents over 800,000 Reserve officers in NATO member countries, and is tasked by NATO to provide advice on Reserves. It forges links between Reservists and NATO military authorities, and encourages ties between Reserve forces from the various participating countries, as well as the creation of organisations for Reserve officers in PfP countries.

The CIOR was created in 1948. It meets twice a year and organises a number of activities including workshops for young Reserve officers and for medical Reserve officers, seminars and language courses. It also has a number of commissions and committees that focus on issues such as civil-military cooperation, strategic planning, Partnership for Peace and communications.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.