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18 July 2003


Conference examines prospects
for transatlantic defence cooperation

9/07/2003 - NATO
Conference on Transatlantic Defence Industrial Cooperation
Speeches delivered at the conference
Audio files and high resolution photos from the conference
Video-interview: Transatlantic defence cooperation - Mr. Robert Bell
14/07/2003 - NATO
“Transatlantic defence industrial cooperation challenges and prospects” : a suggested bibliography (PDF 159kb)

Key issues affecting cooperation between transatlantic defence industries were explored by government and industry leaders at a high-level conference in Brussels on 18 July.

The conference focused on ways of improving transatlantic cooperation in the defence sector, as a means of closing the capabilities gap between the United States and Europe.

Issues on the agenda included export licensing and technology transfer policies in the US and Europe, improving defence investment and procurements, and governments making it easier for defence corporations from both sides of the Atlantic to work together on developing weapons and defence systems.

The Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson, delivered the keynote address, followed by a high-level US panel consisting of US Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, Mr. Lincoln Bloomfield Jr., and US Deputy Under-Secretary of Defence for Technology Security Policy and Counter-Proliferation, Ms. Lisa Bronson. Key leaders from the United States and European defence industry and experts on the issues followed.

Audio, speeches and photos from the conference are available above.