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June 1993

8 June

At the joint session of the North Atlantic Council and the Council of the Western European Union at NATO Headquarters, the two organisations approve a single command and control arrangement for the combined NATO/WEU naval operations in the Adriatic for the enforcement of the UN embargoes against Serbia and Montenegro.

Additional information:

  • High resolution photos of the Joint Council Meeting between the Western European Union and the North Atlantic Council
10 June

At the Ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Athens, NATO Foreign Ministers offer to provide protective air power in case of attack against UNPROFOR in the performance of its overall mandate, if so requested by the UN.

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  • High resolution photos of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) Meeting and North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC) Meeting
11 June

NACC Foreign Ministers, meeting in Athens, announce a programme of cooperation in preparation for joint peacekeeping activities in support of the UN and CSCE and publish a report by the NACC Ad Hoc Group on Cooperation in Peacekeeping.

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18 June

The UN Security Council approves deployment of 300 US troops to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to join the 700 UN troops already there as a preventive measure to keep the Bosnian conflict from spreading.

23 June

Eduard Shevardnadze, the Chairman of Parliament and Head of State of Georgia pays an official visit to NATO Headquarters.

Additional information:

28-30 June

The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Field Marshall Sir Richard Vincent, visits the Czech Republic.

30 June-2 July

NACC High Level seminar on peacekeeping is held in Prague, to further the work of the NACC Ad Hoc Group on Cooperation in Peacekeeping.

30 June-2 July

The 1993 Economics Colloquium is held at NATO Headquarters on the theme Economic Developments in Cooperation Partner Countries from a Sectoral Perspective.