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December 1993

2 Dec

At the Ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council, NATO Foreign Ministers discuss the concept of Partnership for Peace and related proposals, in preparation for the January 1994 Summit.

Additional information:

  • High resolution photos of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) Meeting and North Atlantic Cooperation Council (NACC) Meeting
3 Dec

At the NACC Ministerial, NATO and NACC Foreign Ministers approve a second report by the NACC Ad Hoc Group on Cooperation in Peacekeeping, as well as the NACC Work Plan for 1994.

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7 Dec

EUROGROUP Ministers announce that several subgroups will either be incorporated into NATO or transferred to the WEU, and that the EUROGROUP itself will cease to exist as of 1 January 1994.

8-9 Dec

NATO Defence Ministers meeting in the DPC/NPG in Brussels discuss new defence tasks of the Alliance, including support for UN and CSCE peacekeeping, and the concept of Combined Joint Task Forces. Ministers express their strong support for the Partnership for Peace.

Additional information:

  • NATO Ministerial Communiqués: Final Communiqué of the Defence Planning Committee and Nuclear Planning Group

  • High resolution photos of the Defence Planning Committee and Nuclear Planning Group Meeting
9 Dec

NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner meets with Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Brussels.

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12 Dec

First multiparty parliamentary elections in Russia since 1917. A new constitution giving increased power to the President is approved by 58.4 percent of votes cast.

14 Dec

Joint meeting of the North Atlantic Council and the Council of the WEU at ambassadorial level at WEU Headquarters in Brussels.

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