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December 1991

1 Dec

In a referendum 90 percent of the voters in Ukraine opt for independence from the Soviet Union.

8 Dec

Representatives of the three former Soviet Republics of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine meet in Minsk and agree to set up a Commonwealth of Independent States to replace the Soviet Union.

9-10 Dec

At the Maastricht European Council, Heads of State and Government of the EC adopt treaties (subject to ratification) on Economic and Monetary Union and Political Union. WEU Member States also meeting in Maastricht invite members of the European Union to accede tothe WEU or to become observers, and other European members of NATO to become associate members of the WEU.

12-13 Dec

Ministerial meeting of the Defence Planning Committee in Brussels. Defence Ministers review major changes in force structures called for in the Alliances new Strategic Concept, including substantial reductions in troops and equipment.

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13 Dec

First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Gennadij Burbulis, visits NATO for discussions with Secretary General Manfred Woerner on the situation in the Soviet Union following the foundation of the Commonwealth of Independent States by Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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17 Dec

During talks in Moscow President Yeltsin and President Gorbachev agree that the transition to the Commonwealth of Independent States would take place at the end of December 1991.

19 Dec

Ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels. Foreign Ministers condemn the violence in Yugoslavia and pursue initiatives taken at the Rome Summit Meeting in November, inter alia on NATO assistance in providing humanitarian aid to the Soviet Union.

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20 Dec

Inaugural meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council attended by Foreign Ministers and Representatives of 16 NATO countries and 9 Central and Eastern European countries. On the same day, developments in Moscow mark the effective end of the USSR.

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21 Dec

Eleven of the constituent republics of the former Soviet Union meet in Alma Ata and sign agreements creating a new Commonwealth of Independent States.

25 Dec

President Gorbachev announces his resignation as Soviet President and signs a Decree relinquishing his function as Supreme Commander-in-Chief of Soviet Forces.