Air and Missile Defence Committee (AMDC)

  • Last updated: 28 Jul. 2016 09:24

The Air and Missile Defence Committee (AMDC) is the senior policy advisory and coordinating body regarding all aspects of NATO’s integrated air and missile defence (IAMD), Air Command and Control (Air C2) and related air power aspects.

The AMDC supports Alliance work on establishing air and missile defence capabilities, including a NATO ballistic missile defence (BMD) capability as an integral part of NATO IAMD, either through its efforts or by, inter alia, offering specialist advice and expertise to other senior-level committees.

The Committee works closely with counterparts in member and partner countries to identify cooperation opportunities for all aspects of integrated air and missile defence.

Main participants

The AMDC is comprised of national experts (at flag officer level) from all member nations – and in Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) format also from partner nations. The Committee is chaired by NATO’s Deputy Secretary General and supported by the Defence Investment Division. The Vice Chairman of the AMDC is a senior-level (two-star) national representative, who serves a two-year term when elected by the AMDC.

Working mechanism

As a senior committee, the AMDC reports directly to the North Atlantic Council (NAC). It is supported by the Panel on Air and Missile Defence, which develops policy advice for consideration by the AMDC to support Alliance objectives and priorities, and by the Air C2 Steering Committee, which is responsible for the governance of the Air C2 programme. The AMDC holds meetings twice a year, including one within the EAPC framework with partners. Monthly meetings are held at the level of Permanent Representatives to ensure regular dialogue between member nations.