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New NATO Headquarters
Revised design

New NATO Headquarters
Conference Centre
Common Infrastructure
Industrial Infrastructure
Staff centre

Revisions required by nations, adaptations of the HQ since the original design competition (including the latest round of enlargement) new Force Protection standards, and changing BE construction regulations, among other issues, were accommodated through a basic review of the concept design.

Many design iterations were tested and rejected. An updated sketch design was completed in October 2005.

This review transformed the original concept design from the days of pre-9/11 security concerns and a 19-nation alliance, into a multi-functional, efficient and effective facility, capable of handling today’s challenges and flexible enough for tomorrow’s Alliance, without compromising the excellence of the original design.

The wings have been offset. In other words: major and minor wings now oppose each other across the narrowed Agora, which gives that space a more functional layout than in the old configuration.

A new, canopied main entrance is located on the agora opposite from the first major wing.

Source: SOM + ASSAR