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4 August 2003
Assistance to Portugal
Situation as of 5 Aug 2003
On 4 August, Portugal sent to NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) an urgent request for aircraft and helicopters to help fight forest fires raging in the country.
6 August 2003
Six months of expanded NATO naval operations in Mediterranean
For six months now NATO naval forces have been tasked with escorting Allied civilian shipping through the Straits of Gibraltar, resulting in a reduction of insurance rates and enhancing security in this strategic waterway.
11 August 2003
NATO takes on Afghanistan mission
Today NATO has taken a leadership role in providing security in and around Kabul in Afghanistan, in what is the Alliance’s first mission beyond the Euro-Atlantic area.
12 August 2003
KFOR supports Weapons Amnesty programme in Kosovo
The NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR) welcomes and will support the Weapons Amnesty programme announced by the United Nations for September.
13 August 2003
Helping Portugal fight forest fires
A number of NATO and partner countries have responded to Portugal’s request for assistance in fighting the forest fires in the country and are now providing material, personnel or financial support.
20 August 2003
NATO up and running in Afghanistan
NATO Headquarters in Kabul are in their second week of operations following the transfer of command to the Alliance on 11 August of the 5,500-strong ISAF peacekeeping force.
26 August 2003
"Over-the-horizon forces"on exercise in the Balkans
NATO Reserve Forces are currently participating in an operational rehearsal nick-named Dynamic Response 2003. It started in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo on 26 August and will last until 24 September.
27 August 2003
Autumn events and activities
With the take-over of ISAF IV on 11 August, NATO has had a busy summer and a busy Autumn lies ahead with a number of key markers planned in the coming weeks.
27 August 2003
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