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12 Aug 2003


KFOR supports Weapons
Amnesty programme in Kosovo

12/08/2003 - KFOR
Joint Press Conference on 12 August 2003
15/07/2003 - KFOR
KFOR confiscates illegal weapons
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The NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo (KFOR) welcomes and will support the Weapons Amnesty programme announced by the United Nations for September.

KFOR troops will assist in the collection of weapons and establish special weapon collection points for the Amnesty, which will run from 1 to 30 September. Details of locations and procedures will be published nearer to the start of the Amnesty.

The widespread availability and misuse of weapons, remains a challenge to the security and the peaceful development of Kosovo and the Balkan region.

The Weapons Amnesty will provide the people of Kosovo with the opportunity to help in that development by legally and safely removing some of these weapons from circulation.

KFOR will also continue the ongoing searches for illegal weapon depots in cooperation with other international organisations and the local authorities. In recent weeks, based on intelligence received from the population, a number of large caches have been seized and secured.